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What is your BMI goal?


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Just been looking at my long term goal, and currently I have set it to reach a BMI of 25 (with a view to going below afterwards IF my body allows as getting to 25 seems a hard enough slog at the moment)

I was just wondering what BMI goal everyone else is aiming for and if there was a particular reason why?

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My BMI goal is 23, as I feel it's achievable and feel as though I'll be able to maintain. Anything lower than that I feel would be difficult for me to maintain. I'm 5ft 7 and I feel any lower than 10 and a half stones will not suit me xx


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My goal is currently 28. I know officially, that's still classed as overweight but for me to get to 25 I will look ill. I was previously around 11 stone and looked very gaunt so although I will be officially classed as overweight, I think I'll be comfortable at that weight.


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Target is currently 25 as that will take me into normal. I think getting down from about 27 is going to be hard for me so I might see how I go when to 27. Would be great to be "normal" if only for a week or so!!!
At the moment it's a shade under 29. It's still 'overweight' for my height (6'2") but I'm currently aiming for 16 stone. I remember what I was like below that weight (long time ago) and I looked like a beanpole... So I'm heading for BMI of 29 and then take stock of where I am; I'll want to lose more fat but I'll definately be doing some proper toning in the gym.

I can't wait to do some serious exercise, not the light stuff I'm doing on the Wii Fit. I'm put off at the moment because I need a hernia operation. It was pointless before because of the risk of reoccurance, I think that was one of the things which put me on CD...


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I've set mine at "normal" bmi range. I plan to take it half a stone at a time after that to see where I settle naturally and where I look healthy. My heart tells me that I would love to be BMI 20 but my head tells me that that would not be healthy look for me and way too difficult to maintain



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mine is 24.5 after moving up the plans. 12 stone. Gives me half a stone "warning flashing red lights act now to nip it in the bud" weight and I'll still be in the normal range.I'm 5'10 and quite broad.


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I wasn't very scientific with mine. I looked at the chart and decided to go for the middle of the normal range. BMI 23 which will be 126lb for me. Hoping I'll be a slim size 10 by then, if not I might be tempted to go down a few more pounds till I get to where I'm happy.


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Hi all!

Just to put a spanner in the works!! I don't agree with BMI to a large degree as it does not take in to account individual's build, bones, muscle mass, fat distribution etc and just relies on height and weight.

That's why I think most of you have the right idea in actually seeing how you feel as you lose weight, rather than definately acheiving a certain BMI, as you will probably find a weight above the BMI you choose is actually more suitable for you.

Would you believe that George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon are all classed as overweight with their BMI???!!!!!!

I think I have dropped my BMI from "dead" to "seriously obsese" to date! Woohoo!

Keep up the good work all, you are still my inspiration!



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Mine turns out to be 25.5 but I don't set much store by BMI to be honest. I just want to lose four stone, which rather randomly takes me to 153lb (10'13) by september. After that I want to get more off, but will see where I end up feeling comfortable...prob around the 10 and a half mark. I'm 5'5 but appear to be a bit sort of dense - small dress size for weight, iyswim.
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my first is 24.8 as that would put me at 10 stone. then i will see how i go. im only short so maybe 22.3 which is 9 stone (at the very lowest) x x
Thanks for all your replies - part of my reason for asking, was because the lowest I have ever gotten down to is 10stone 6, and I was always told (and still do get told) at that weight I looked lovely, and felt comfortable at that weight myself. My problem being that I know 'in my head' that by the Medical Professionals I would still be classed as overweight, and there is something about that term that I think affects me, and that's a big part of why I have set my goal to 10 stone 1, and I guess in reality I will then want to get a couple of lbs below that weight so that I have a few lbs to fluctuate with so that I don't go over it again. In the same thought though, I wanted to see if everyone else was trying to get into the healthy BMI, or ignoring the BMI structure to a sense, and going with where they felt comfortable, and healthy.

I'm only short too, and I know I still have a lot of toning work to do - especially around my legs and thighs in particular, and bingo wings, oh and mummy tummy (ok all of me lol) but everytime I up the exercise at the moment, my weight loss stalls, so I'm trying to lose the weight and then tone more towards the very end, perhaps with only 7lbs to go or something.

Oh I don't half babble! xx


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Try doing some gently toning exercises hun, I've been going to a toning gym since the start and it has definitely helped me to tone up and hasn't made a huge impact on my losses, I did a week with no gym and there was no difference.

You can do it from home, just miss out the cardio as I think that's what makes you retain water and stalls your loss.

It's the cardio I've been doing (thinking it would speed up my losses) but it's had the opposite effect - I'm on 1000 so you would think it would be ok now really.
I think I know 'how' to do cardio a lot more, that's why I do it, I'm not so sure with toning what I'm doing, or I think I'm doing it wrong, that's why I don't do it as much x


Winning a losing battle!
I was the same the last time I did CD, went full pelt with the cardio as it's what most people know but it stalled my losses - guess we must be the unlucky ones who retain water at the drop of a hat!!

Try googling toning exercises, I'm pretty sure sit ups will be ok and also using baked bean tins (full!) for your arms etc - I'm sure I saw a thread about it the other day......
Hi there mine was below 30 as needed to be there to allow me to have IVF pleased to say am now below and well on my way xxx

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