What is your Ideal weight?


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I believe there is no such thing as an "ideal weight." I think our weight and shape are intensely personal issues, that we should decide for ourselves, using common sense and personal choice.Common Sense Means an Ideal Weight Should be Healthy

Common sense dictates that we should try to maintain our weight within a healthy range, and avoid the discomfort and potential health risks of being overweight or obese. After all, if our weight prevents us from playing with our children, or keeping active, or if it causes us low self-esteem, it's not ideal. However, the human race is multi-cultural. So conventional Western ideas of what constitutes a healthy weight (based on body mass index) may not apply to all races and cultures.

Personal Choice Means You Decide What Weight is Best For You
Once you are inside the healthy weight range, it's a matter of personal choice as to what is an ideal weight for you. If you prefer an ultra-lean, toned shape, go for it! Watch your calories, go to the gym, work your abs and glutes, and enjoy reducing your body fat percentage to an absolute minimum. However, if you don't have any interest in sculpting the "perfect" shape for yourself, and are happy to be in the upper healthy weight range for your height, then that's fine too.
I have a rough idea that the perfect weight for me should fluctuate within the 22bmi range.

I am quite lucky in that I remember back to how it was to be slim and what weight suited me at that time (13 years ago).

Since then I have had a baby and my body has changed because I was extremely sporty and muscley (sp?).

I will find it interesting to see what weight suits me now and I will only know this when I get there.

I will never get back to my previous physique which means the weight I used to be will see me larger this time round because of the higher body fat percentage. :)
I think weight and age matters too. When i was 20 I was 8stone 12(briefly!), I also remember being 10 stone 4 on my wedding day. Now, at 47, I am consious that some friends, who have annoyingly stayed very trim, now look wrinkly. I don't and I don't want to! I think 10 stone 5-to 10 stone 10 will probably be right for me. For my height I should be between 7stone11 and 9 stone 7 ish, we will see! WE WILL SEE - ah the power of positive thought!
I'm aiming for between 12 and 12 st 7 simply because looking at my sisters, and knowing what they weigh, aiming lower would turn me into 'lollipop head'
It will also depend on if the clothes/sizes I want to fit in work - only time will tell :D
Well according to the tables etc, I should be between 8 stones 4lbs and 9 stones 2lbs. I was 8 stones 4lbs and had no periods for 6 months so obviously that is not the right weight for me. I was around 9 and a half before they normalised. I am most comfortable and feel most healthy around 10 and a half.

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my sister is 8 stone and looks brill, but then she is ten years younger!

I was around the 8 stone for years and I would love to be there again...But now I think if I were 10 stone it would be very nice.

We will see?
I'm aiming for 10st, even though this will still class me as overweight. I think that this is the weight that I will be happier at.

You never know though, when I get there I may chnge my mind and continue on for a while. I know how my mind works and if I know that I have the option to start maintenance at any time I choose this tends to give me more incentive to continue.

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I'd love to be 9 & a half stones, I think for me dress size is my best goal. I'm just squeezing into 14s (needing elasticated areas to waist) but would love to be a comfy 12. I can't remember ever being a 10 so will not aim for unobtainable.
I would be happy at around 10 stone. I have been lighter (many moons ago) but would be content at this especially after being as big as I have been, 10 stone would be pure heaven I think (I hope).
I'm 5'4" and my initial target was 9stone 11lbs (giving me a 6.5 stone weight loss). I actually went as low as 9stone 7lbs but this felt too thin as my collar bone stuck out too much!! I was happiest at around 9stone 10lbs - although today i am 10stone 5lbs - i'm now aiming to be under 10 stone and staying there!! Fingers crossed !!
When I went to WW.... erm 19 years ago!!... my goal weight was 8st 4, and that was the top of the weight range. I got down to 7 13 briefly, and at around these weights I was SKINNY. My face, looking at photos now, was so drawn I looked older than I do now.

I think for me 9 stones is around right (that's what I've been down to in recent years, and wearing a size 8), even though my BMI at this weight is 25.4, so supposedly overweight. How can a size 8 be overweight?! I do have huge boobs, though, even when I'm that weight, so that might well make a difference.
I've just changed my target on my ticker this evening - I've set it to 9st as I had got it to 10st which to be honest needed to be lowered as I'm only 5'1" so it left me with a bmi of over 25 .... only thing is that now I've just gained an extra stone 'to go'.

I was 10 stone for a week or two 15 years ago
I found a web site that looked at age and height body type and It said the perfect weight for me would be 10 1/2 Im going with that for now and then we will see............
I should be at that weight in Aug and then I am having a TT , arm, leg lift.... so I might end up less than that.we shall see......The new Me !!!
I'm aiming for 9.1/2 stone - this should put me at a BMI of 22 so in the middle of the range.

I am 10.10 at the moment and will reassess when I get to 10 if I want to go lower - I don't want to just get to the high end of the range and not give me any breathing space. (if that makes any sense) I'm a size 10-12.

Also, I am 5'4" - the smallest in my family so I can't compare my weight to my sisters as they are all taller but weigh more than me...We also carry our weight in different places too?:(

Time will tell me where I want to stop.....Watch this space
My goal is to get to 11 and a half. I used to be (before having my cherubs 5 years ago) around 10 stone. Once I get to 11 and a half then I will see if I want to keep going or stick? For me personally it will all be down to clothes size and the way I look ... I want to be a 12-14 again, Im an 18 at the moment.
Ideal weight is a funny thing... my friends and family tell me to stop now. My clothes tell me to go to "my target". I tend to listen to my clothes, even though I admit that at "a certain age", perhaps one ought to listen to friends and family! But I can't!

Id just like to say in response to this thread that having read it right through, I was prompted to search on google for websites which tell you your "ideal" weight, based on frame size, age and height.

I put in small, 5ft 5 and under 25 and it told me that the "ideal weight" for a small framed person, at 5'5'' tall, was a max of 8 stone 7, and a min of 7 stone 9 :eek:.

Now, I dont have a small frame, I have a large frame- curvy hips, big boobs, broad shoulders, and therefore for me at 8 stone 7 I would look positively ill :sigh:! However, even for a large frame this site told me that the max "ideal" is 10.5 stone. Im actually 5'5 and a half and according to the BMI index this 10.5 ideal is lower than the recommended upper healthy weight for someone of my height :confused::confused:.

The point of this, is that these websites and sources telling you how much you should way are not always as accurate as you may think and really along with common sense and hopefully a sound head on your shoulders, you should be able to judge for yourself what is a healthy weight for you.

For me, 10 and a half stone is probably as small as I would want to go as I know if I weight less than that I look too skinny and dont feel womanly. So my message is, be realistic about your figure, be honest with yourself about what it achievable and what is HEALTHY for you, and dont listen to all these people who are all too quick to tell you what is "too fat", "too thin" etc.

Magazines are the worst. I read one whilst on holiday and I swear at least every other article was about weight loss in some way, whether criticising some celeb for being too fat or thin, telling you how you should live to stay slim, what to eat etc. Its a nightmare! No wonder so many british women are paranoid about their figure, when in the eye of the media, no-one has a perfect figure! Theres always something wrong with us....
This is an intersting thread,

I have always been heavier than 'average' but when I was younger and 11st ( I am 5'4") I was very happy, i had lovely curves, a flat tummy and cheekbones! I took a szie 14 and was content.

My cdc said my ideal weight would be lower than this, but I don't think I would want to go less than 10 stone....

As others have said, it is very individual.
i wana be about 8 stones 7 lbs, thats the weight i feel happy at and looks good on me :)