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What is your WW product favourite?

Hi everyone

I'm only in my second week of doing WW and so far am finding it much more flexible and variable from other diets or plans that I have tried before.

I am still trying different WW products and was wondering if people could recommend any that they have had that they really like.

So far my favourite has been the Chicken Hotpot frozen meal....its so creamy and naughty tasting and its only 6PP

Thanks in advance

Lizzy xxx:family2:
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When I was on weightwatchers I really liked the frozen lemon chicken risotto. It was really tasty and filling. And also the chocolate orange bars which only seemed to be available at the meetings and not in the shops.
My favourites are the bagels (boring but mmm) and the sun dried tomato savoury biscuits (or whatever they're called...)

EDIT: How could I forget the yoghurts?? Especially the layered fromage frais and dessert style ones!
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Yeah I like the bagels too (four in a pack) especially as there in one of my local poundlands :) tuna mayo bagel with gem lettuce, or even ham bagel with gem lettuce, yummy

Also like the Petit pains (hope I spelt that right) the little rolls that you have too cook in the oven for 8-10mins and you get four in a pack (well there is two sides to each packet so you only have to open two at a time). Got a couple packets as they were £1 in ASDA (not sure if they are still that price as I got them a week ago)..

With one piece of bacon and a small bit of melted butter, yummy.

I just had dinner and this is making me slightly hungry again lol. Guess I know what I might be having tomorrow :)
I like the Petit pains too ,the toffee and vanilla yogurts and the chocolate mini rolls

LittleMissThin 17

wants to be skinny ♥
Think everyone's already said my favourites :) Love the bagels, the chicken hotpot, the yoghurts... OH! The WW John West tomato tuna in 3 little cans, WW Heinz tinned tomato soup, the oriental frozen meals like Sweet Chilli Chicken, Sweet and Sour Chicken but I don't get ready meals too often. The frozen pots of ice cream (toffee and honeycomb). Can't think if there's more just now :p
Think a few of mine have been covered too!

I also love the chicken hotpot, I have it some nights with a huge plate of veg and for 6pp I find it really satisfying!

I also like the WW puddings including the chocolate brownie one which you get for cheap out of farmfoods/Iceland. Very chocolatey and nice for 4pp.

On the old discover plan I always loved the caramel rice pudding but not sure 3pp is worth it now!

I also really like the crisps you can buy at the class and of course the WW toffee bars both fab for 2pp. I also just tried the wee box of fruit pastilles for 1pp and thought they were lovely too!

Mmmmm also the carrot cake slices which I sometimes sneak into the coffee shop with me to save being tempted. I'd far rather have 3 slices of them for 6pp than one slice of cake for like 15pp!! I'm a points scrimper!! ;)
I adore the Toffee and Honeycomb ice cream pots - 3pp and they are delish, creamy and tasty and I could just eat one after another after another...... :eek:


I love fruit and veg. ;)
Roast chicken crisps and the chocolate chip cookies :3 Haven't tried the meals yet... are they nice?
I love love love the ready meals! I have found them in a local freezer shop for £1 so they are a cheap lunch. Ive tried a few and haven't had one that I dont like
i dont buy the ww brand anymore or the ready meals but used to love the chicken hot pot one,,also this week i have discovered ww cornetto's,,they were on offer 4 in a box and 4pp each or two for 7pp:) same size as a normal cornetto and just gorgeous!!!
I love love love the bagels. Only 4pp! I also like the tomato soup and the choccie mini rolls. The yogurts are good as is the frozen chicken curry meal (I like the ocean pie too but its too ickle lol). Oh and how could I forget the choc brownie desserts.. mmmm... x


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
i used to love the garlic/mushroom pizza on the old plan but they have discontinued them:mad: now i love the desserts they are yummy dont like the meals find them 2 bland , love the tesco lighter choice range

LittleMissThin 17

wants to be skinny ♥
And how could I forget the blueberry cake slices??? I ADORE these so much I can't buy them :(
Ive just tried WW chocolate and raisin cookies and OMG they are soooo nice, really intense and satisfying! Even better they are being sold in poundland at the minute and come in seperate packs with 2 cookies in each

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