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What made you decide to do it ?

I think it was when i was looking back at pics of me and my ex i found while looking through stuff in the attic

I seen something in the pics that i wanted and most certainly wasn't him lol ( we get on great as friends and for the sake of our daughter )

I wanted my very slim and slender self back, with that i could maybe get back my self confidence too.

I had tried alot of diets since having my daughter which is my excuse ( See the way i say excuse lol i know it was my own fault i jus like to blame her lol ) none of them worked for me, well its not they didnt work i found them to hard to follow.

I think if i had never tried slimming world id be stuck in a serious rut!

what bout you ?
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Just fed up of being overweight since I have had my kids. I have always been small 5 3 and size 10 but went up to size 14/16.
well i was told recently there is a reduced chance of me being able to conceive... im not quite ready for kids yet... but want to be 100% fit and ready when i do start trying so that my chances are made better...

fingers crossed xxx
My motivation for this journey was that its coming up to my 10th wedding anniversary. I had put a lot of weight back on after the birth of my second daughter, my mum has type 2 diabetes and I was a fat bride who hates looking at her wedding photos. I didnt want to get to my anniversary feeling so horrible about myself as I did back then, and I need to fix it for my health too. So part vanity part health.


A happy downward spiral
Similar to Larara, I want to have kids and at the minute I wont be able to concieve but Ive been told if I lose a huge chunk of my weight I should be able too.
Plus for my own health.
And, tbh, so I can shop in every shop and not just the 2 or 3 with plus sizes.


4. 8. 15. 16. 23. 42.
I want to be able to do things without my weight being an issue or holding me back, I want to be able to go to the doctors for a sore throat and not worry that they'll ask about my weight and I want to prove to myself that I'm capable of doing something without failing.

That and actually looking good in anything from Topshop. :)

I started as I was just beginning to feel unhealthy.....heartburn most nights when I went to bed and a fair bit of huffing and puffing when climbing the stairs etc.

6 months on, no heartburn at all and I can run 1.5km non-stop on te gym treadmill (only at 7.4 kmph but still a great improvement for me).
ive been overweight for more than half my life and a few months ago i started suffering with a really bad back plus i want to be healthy for my 3 children and i dont want to be fat and 40 i saw how my nan suffered with her weight for most of her life.
For me it was having my son. I had a really hard pregnancy and developed pre-eclampsia and a kidney condition and spent a month in hospital until I had to have an emergency c-section. My son was born 2 months early and spent 6 weeks in special care. It was the hardest thing I've ever gone through and really, we're both lucky to be alive.

I wanted to lose weight so that I will be around for my son and husband as long as I can and so that I can do things with my son that I might not otherwise be able to do. And, so that he doesn't have to be embarrassed by having a "fat mommy".

And, I was just sick of feeling bad about myself and not being able to wear the style of clothes I like.
I'm sick of everyone looking at me and assuming i'm the fat jolly one!!
I want to be around to see my son grow up and enjoy my granchildren (a long way off i know)

I want to look sexy, and even though my husband has never pressured me of said anything about my weight i want him to be proud of me.

I gave up smoking 6 months ago and that was my first step. This is my second step to a new me and one i know without SW i would never have thought possible:D
I had been overweight for a number of years, but tried to put it to the back of mind, believing that I would always be overweight and nothing would change it. Although I tried to show others I wasn't bothered - my mum tried to encourage me to go to SW a few times - deep down I was really unhappy about the way I looked. I also started getting really bad back ache which I put down to my busy job where I was always on my feet, but strangely enough that's disappeared since losing weight!

I happened to weigh myself on my parents' scales one day and was genuinely shocked to see I was 13 stone - I didn't think I was that much. Then I worked out my BMI, it was just into the obese bracket and I remember feeling very upset and angry. That was when I decided enough was enough and I needed to do something about it. I hit target yesterday and I'm so happy, I never want to be as unhappy and unhealthy as I was a year ago.
Ooh how long have you got? I'm sick of feeling ugly and disgusting. I want to wear whatever I want - not just because i managed to make it fit!! I hate that now I avoid going out because im so embarrassed. I've missed out on so many things, and lost many friends because I make up excuses to avoid going out - all because im so embarassed and feel too self concious. I don't wanna spend the whole of my life being fat! Oh and health reasons, just recently i've started to notice how tired I am all the time, how out of breath I get, how i get odd pains that I know are all down to my weight. I'm only bloody 20!!!!!! I want to feel proud of myself - i'm so ashamed and embarassed I let myself get like this. I think losing weight would just give me so much confidence and I could do all the things i'm too scared to do.
oops I rambled on haha, but like i say i think i could go on for hours!! :)
my work trousers were too tight and the NHS weren't happy about me getting another pair LOL!
congrats on quitting smoking wendyswoo :) i quit on the 4th of Jan and I feel so much better for it :)
I decided to do it because I have always been overweight even after doing SW the last time but I weighed myself recently and realised everything I had lost last time was back plus some extra. So now I'm not looking to it as a diet anymore but I want it too be a lifestyle change and hope to keep it permenant!


Plodding on.......
Claire - thanks for your honesty. I'm sure there are loads of us who can identify with your feelings (me for one !)

Sarah - ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. You must be SO proud. I'm so happy for you :)

Gail x
i decided that after my 2 week holiday in Mexico enough was enough!!!! I weighed in at my all time, life heaviest - it really frightened me.

I have been dieting all through my 20's and have never been happy - no matter how confident i can be, inside i hate the outside view.....and i cant wait to hit target - although i knew that losing 7 stone was a mammoth task, im half way there in a year already.....just got to pick up the pace and lose the rest.....!!!

I also have my wedding to plan and arrange for next October, so I need to look my best - as the bride is the focus of the day (arrrrgh) - can i elope now?? hehe!

Ive never succeeded or been so positive on any other diet ever - I love SW so much and the support on this site, and from my friends, is what has kept me going in the low times.....and there have been some. Addiction to food is a tough battle, and i know that if i let my guard down - the munching machine inside me can easily take over. However, as time goes by, i know i can do this, in fact i AM doing this!!!

Hoorah! Lovely thread by the way xxx

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