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What scales do /you/ trust?


Slim for Summer!
I've been thinking.. my weight is different on every scale I try. I have electronic bathroom scales at home, then there's the biggun in boots, then there's the doctor's scales.. there are so many! Which do you trust? The ones that weigh you lightest? :p

Just wondering what everyone uses! My bathroom scales have been whacky lately, one day I lost a whole two stone! ;)
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To be honest it doesn't matter. Just pick one and use the same set each week, same time, same place, same clothes. So probably not the GP ones then, cos they'll get a bit upset :D
i only get weighed on the chemists scales so i knida have to trust them however debating getting my own
My kids always fiddle with the bit underneath and they always say different lol !!
I always weigh in weekly on my friends digital scales ,the only one's I trust ,although I stayed in a hotel the other day and I loved those scales they were totally off ;)
I have digital weight watchers scales, they the only ones i get weighed on, I place them on the same tile in the bathroom, every tuesday morning, wearing the same outfit. Fingers crossed i lose a few pounds when i weigh myself this week, if not then i may have to go round getting weighed on different ones until they show i've lost some lbs :p


Slim for Summer!
sam- if you do get your own then be strict with yourself, everything can go downhill if you end up weighing yourself every day. i keep mine out of sight until mondays, otherwise i'll weigh myself everytime i walk by lol. :)

robsterswife- argh my boyfriend does that!! right enough he is a big kid! :) haha isn't it great when scales just surprise you like that? :p


Mad old Bat with Attitude
The scales at class cost £250 :eek: so presumably they should be accurate. Digital scales are suppose to be more accurate than the swing needle ones. Beware the wiifit board! It's nowhere near accurate!
My wii fit board is exactly the same as my SW ones!!! However, I have been on other Wii fit boards and they are dramatically different!

Like Circes said, pick one and stick to it!!!

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