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What shall i do?

After attending an evening to sign up for lighterlife, i trotted along to the doctors, had my form signed, so am due to start the diet on 28th sept... but then my doc suggested the lipotrim diet...came home done some research etc.. it seems very much the same kinda thing as lighterlife...

so now not sure what to do, i have found a local pharmacy that does the diet, it is cheaper than lighterlife..? thats a plus..and the docs recommend it? should i switch over, and do the lipotrim instead..which i can start asap, and wont need to wait till 28th sept?
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i would swap to LT hun, purely because it is pretty much the same diet but 30 quid a week cheaper! Plus as you said you can start it straight away.

good luck with what you decide. xx


is loving the soup?!
I suppose the only thing different about Lighterlife would be the meetings. If you think that's important to you, it might be worth paying the extra. If you are happy to work through your food issues on your own and even on here, Lipotrim would do you well. You could do a week of LT anyway before you decide - see how you get on with it, and what have you got to lose? You'd be slimmer anyway if you decided to do LL. xxx
it all depends on if you think you need the meetings hon, but you get support and advice here and i found that to be enough, if you already have an inkling of what your issues with food are then to be honest is there any point in paying extra cash to be told what they are in a group setting, its totally up to you as Vickie suggested you could have a go at LT for a while and swap to LL if you find you need the support of a group and a counsellor but also if you need the support of a counsellor you could do the CD which is cheaper than LL and you still get support :)
only you know whats right for yuo and what will work for you so just go with your gut instinct i personally couldnt have done with the whole LL group thing idve jacked it in quick.

I dont plan on staying for the whole waffle thing at SW once im up and running the group thing annoys me.

Gen x
Go for LT. They are very similar, both work in exactly the same way, LT isnt as confusing with various programme types and LT is cheaper!
I would go for the LT i originally was planning to meet with LL and researching that I found this forum and I spent a while reading through before deciding that LT would suit me better. The money side of things did come into it too.. LL here was 66 pound per week wereas LT is 45.. (its 36 in GB i think)

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