What size will I be?


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Hi all...I'm currently 16stone exactly at last weigh in. I wear a generous size 20 jeans but 22 in some things. Top I'm a 20. I'm 5 ft 5in.
When I lose another 3stone, any idea what size I'll be?
I've bought a wedding dress in a size 18, just in case my shape doesn't change much. :confused:
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you could be in a 14-16 by then hun im in a 12-14 but im only 5ft2 and am 11st 9 at the min x

so the 18 might be a bit big there again dresses fit differently i tried a 16 on the other day and couldnt fasten it but i know im not a 16 so..... the answer is I think a 16

nikki x


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I'm 5ft 4 and last time I did cambridge, I lost 3.5 stone getting me to 12 stone 5 and I was comfy in a 16... I did that in between February and April... so if you get married in August, you should be down to at least that even more....

Good luck with your journey, how exciting!!

*Think you will be sending that dress back or getting it majorly altered!!*



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Hi I am in a 16,I am just over 13 stone im 5'6,my jeans are baggy but im not in a 14 yet if you want to have a look at my album and you will see how quickly the weight went Im sure you will not be in an 18 after 3 stone


Team 1 all the way!
Oooh I'm so excited. We're getting married in Florida, so I've bought a very plain, lightweight dress by Debut at Debenhams. Its plain, so could easily be taken in. I tried it on the other day, and the zip is no where near going to do up, but at least it fits over my lumps and bumps!


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Hi good luck hun

When i lost weight with ww i went from 15st 3 to 13st 10. I got to a size 18 on the bottom but was a size 20 on top.


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Hi i'm 5'4 and wear 18's now at 15 stone, at 12 stone i was in a 14. soooo exciting

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I'm 5'3".. at 17st 4 I was a 22/24.. at 15st 4 (last week) i'm an 18 (needing to buy a 20).. hence coming back to CD..

At 12st 7lb I'm a 16 comfortably.. and at 11st 7lb I'm a 14 :)

Now.. can you tell I'm a perpetual dieter? Hmm? lol
I've yet to get below 11st 7lb and haven't been there for 10 years..

Really hope you need to get that lovely sounding dress taken in a LOT! ;) And congrats on the wedding :)