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What the hell is wrong with me?

I found out last Wednesday that I was expecting our first child. This baby was planned and is very much good news. But im walking round like iv lost a fiver and found a penny, talk about a long face. Iv no appetite what so ever and any other time, id have loved not being hungry, I have eaten but not half as much as I normaly would and this week i STS.. Looking back afew naughties did slip in so its my own fault. Last week I went through a tired stage ware I could have quite happily slept the clock round, now im sleeping becouse I just feel so low and lost. I know I need a kick up the butt and I feel like im so ungratefull. All these monthes of planning and waiting to fall pregnant and I thought I would have spent the whole 9mths swinging from the rafters with a big stupid grin on my face
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Firstly stop being do blimmin hard on yourself!!!!

Now you have been given life altering news, it doesn't matter if it's good or bad it's still immense news! You need time to adjust, even grieve a little bit for the lifestyle you have now. The next nine months and beyond will be all about the baby and even the most maternal among us can feel jealous!
You will be asking yourself lots of questions and not wanting to own up for fear of judgement. Questions I asked myself were can I love this baby, am I ready, can I cope, will hubby still find me attractive, will I love it, do I want it.
Then all the stuff you think you'll miss like hair appointments/beauty treatments, shopping trips for yourself, dates with the OH etc etc.

What I will say is that if in the third trimester you begin to feel depressed please talk to the midwife as PND often presents in late pregnancy and I found after having suffered terribly with my first, that with my second knowing what drugs I could take whilst breastfeeding helped to calm me and I didn't even have a minutes depression!

Congratulations (and commiserations... Life will never be the same) xxxx
There's nothing wrong with you - you've just found out that you are about to experience the biggest and most profound life changing experience you will ever have! Add to that the hormonal changes you are undergoing and it's not the slightest bit surprising you feel this way.

The tiredness is all part of the package - I found out I was pregnant the first time because I went to the doctors worried that I had glandular fever or something worse because I had absolutely no energy - zero, zilch, nada. Sometimes when I was at work I couldn't even get out of my chair to make a cup of tea!

It does get better - by week 10 I was nearly back to normal and it will get better for you.

BTW, congratulations on your pregnancy :party0049::party0049::party0049:
I agree with the others, it's the new hormones raging round your body! And the shock of realisation too, even after planning it (I was like it both times with mine) Don't you worry, you will be fine, it's perfectly normal! But any questions like this, tell your Midwife. It's what she is there for and has probably heard them all before.

Oh, and congratulations! :)


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IT'S HORMONES DARLING! Don't worry the excitment will kick in before long but it is very tiring and you will be scared and worried it's normal. Just chill a little and be kind to yourself have a little lie in if you can and continue to eat well and don't worry you will be fine honestly good luck and congratulations on your baby news I wish I was 20 yrs younger and it was me ! lol x
As above - Hormones my love. Also, please stop worrying if you STS or gain. You are actually supposed to gain weight whilst pregnant okay not 4 stone or anything, but a but of weight - so you need to get yourself out of the 'losing weight' mindset and into the nuturing baby mindset. I know that there are few people who stick to SW whilst pregnant, and I'm not sure how I personally feel about that because, as has been said on a number if threads before, there are a lot of foods which are healthy (eg Avocado, nuts etc) which are not necesarily good for weight loss - when you are pregnant eating healthy would be more important to me, but I couldn't imagine when you get a craving for chocolate & ice cream having the added stress of having to choose between the 2 to stay on plan, or the resultant guilt if had them both!

Anyway, off topic slightly, and also just my personal choice not something i expect anyone to agree with so please no shouting at me!

And Congrats as well x

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Congratulations!!!! I have to agree with the others...those blasted hormones will become stronger as your pregnancy develops. I've had my second and last baby 8 weeks ago and getting back o track with sw. I totally went off fruit and veg through the pregnancy and wretched indigestion meant that following the plan just didn't work for me. You may be different and there are many members that can stick to plan whilst being pregnant..but, as a previous poster said...you will gain a small amount of weight and it is perfectly normal. Take time to enjoy your pregnancy as it's over way to quickly. Its a wonderful feeling knowing that you are growing a little person inside of you. Take care and rest when you can as you will get tired. Xx
I can totally relate to this!! It truly is just hormones, can you even imagine the changes that are going on inside your body?? Dont be hard on yourself, your whole life has taken a turn, but for the better. Give yourself some time to get used to it! As for the tiredness, listen to your body, go to bed earlier, have a lay-in in the mornings and dont do anything strenuous. Make sure you are eating properly and drink plenty of water, i was slightly dehydrated during my pregnancy which contributed to my extreme tiredness!! I didnt suffer from morning sickness, just extreme tiredness!! Enjoy the pregnancy, it truly is a miracle!

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