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What time do you have you packs?


Winning a losing battle!
My losses have been ok over the last few weeks, however, I made the mistake of weighing myself this morning and according to my scales, I had gained 2lbs.

I have been 100% all the way so I'm wondering if the time I have my shakes may be influencing my weight loss.

I usually have first shake at 12ish, 2nd shake 5ish, then 3rd shake around 8ish.

In normal circumstances, I know that you shouldn't eat after 7ish so I'm wondering if that's the same for CD?

Does anyone have any thoughts or experiences?
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I have mine at 9am, 12.30pm and 5 - 5.30pm.

I do try to do a bit of exercise (even if it is just hoovering / housework etc) after each shake.
I don't think the time you eat the meals matters. Not eating after 7pm only applies when you have a full meal that needs digesting but a shake is hardly anything and contains no carbs that get stored as fat (as would be the case if you had, had a standard carby meal) so don't worry! I had a less than impressive loss as well and I've been 100% too but then I lost 3 inches off my waist and 2 inches off my hips so maybe you've lost some inches?

I usually have my shakes like this;

On waking: 1 pint water
10am: 1st shake, 1 pint water
12ish: 1 pint water
2pm: 2nd shake, 1 pint water
4ish: 1 pint water
7pm: 3rd shake, 1 pint water

Hope this helps!
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Is determined!
I spread mine out like this:

7am 1/2 pack mixed with tea (usually banana or vanilla) and a good mugfull so lots of extra water!

11ish 1/2 bar cut into small squares

1pm 1/2 shake

3pm 1/2 shake

7-8pm 1/2 shake with tea and half bar (then i feel really spoilt) :D
i have mine at 12, 5 and 9 i cat stomach anything first thing in the morning so i just get a bit of water down me, then i have on at lunch a bar at tea and a hot chocolate in the evening as it warms me up as im constantly freezing

Jesslima_Holy Moly! Shakes with tea!??!! What's that like!? I've been having coffee with the vanilla shake which is lovely but .. tea...!?!

I've not experienced this coldness yet! But my tongue is really DRY!? what's that about!!

I too have my shakes at about 12:30/ 5/ 8:30 because even if I find I'm hungry in the morning, there's nothing worse than going to bed feeling hungry.. I fear the evenings would be harder to conquer if I was hungry.

When you stepped on the dread scales were the clothes were you wearing something different? or was it in the evening? apparently you're heavier in the evening than morning!


Is determined!
Jesslima_Holy Moly! Shakes with tea!??!! What's that like!? I've been having coffee with the vanilla shake which is lovely but .. tea...!?!
Lol its lush, especially with vanilla, it has to be a twinnings everyday teabag as well. It doesnt really taste like tea, can't really explain it, you'll have to try it! I'm addicted, i'd drink it even if i wasnt on cd! :D


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Cripes- very inventive, Jess!

I agree that it probably doesn't matter when you have them, except to stop yourself from spending too long feeling hungry.
I have four packs, and spread them as follows:

between 8-9am: porridge
1-1:30pm: shake
5:30ishpm: shake or soup or bar
9pmish: shake made as mousse.

This keeps me very satisfied. I sometimes split the bar in two, having the first half mid-afternoon and the second half at teatime. Depends.


Winning a losing battle!
Thanks for the responses guys, I guess I'm a bit unsettled as I don't have an official weigh in this week and am desperate to have a fab loss when I see my CDC next week!

Had my first shake a bit earlier today and have just realised that I haven't had my lunch yet so best get blending!
I have my porridge about 8am, shake about midday, another at 4pm, and last one at 8pm. I have 4x 750ml bottles of water during the day, usually have half of one before and half of one after a meal. And somedays will drink more water, and cups of tea as well.

Soon2bslimmer x :)

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