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What to eat on holiday??


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look on the exante website they give foods to eat. but its similar to atkins protein and lots of low carb veg, such as cauli, broccoli, lettuce etc.
but i will not be taking my slop on hols either, i will sort of limit myself on hols to salads and fruit and get back on the plan when i return.
I had an Idea it might be something like that, then getting back on the wagon on my return.

I just hope I don't start feeling hungry, I've found it quite refreshing that this diet seems to quell that feeling with great effect!


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Yeah, low carb is the way to go to stay in fat burning. Low fat/cal is the way to go to lose a bit or stay the same (ish), choc and cake is the way to go to piling it all back on.

If you stay low carb may be a problem if you are going to drink, as drinking while in ketosis is dangerous. So, got to get the balance right :)
Thanks Isis.

The booze will be the biggie, it's sooo nice! Would the odd G&T in a tall glass be okay, it's low in cals??


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If you are having a low cal or low fat diet with some carbs to take you out of ketosis, that will be fine :)

That way, you do not run the risk of gaining too much AND you enjoy your holiday. No point going on hols and stressing about ketosis :) x


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Hey - when I went away for a week I managed to loose weight....have no idea how that happened! I had the bar for breakfast, salads for lunch and mainly bbq's in the evening all following the 'allowed' foods in the Exante booklet.

I did though also have 4 x ice creams a rather large cheese board and a small portion of fish and chips....but hey, I was on holiday. I still drank 2 litres of water each day and didn't have any alcohol!

Most of all enjoy your holiday x


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hi den just go and enjoy your holiday and when you return start again x
Hi den, well done, i've just done 4 weeks on total, way in tomorrow, i'm away at the end of july as well, my plan is to try and have 2 slops and evening meal, the bars are handy cause at least you can just keep them on you and eat on the go, but defo got to enjoy the holiday.. sue a wee g&t will go down lovely lol.. I think as long as we can muster some kind of control over what is eaten, it should be fine, I just don't want to wack a stone back on really quick after working so hard to get it off. anyways still a few weeks away so here's to more wt loss and shed loads of the good old H2O

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