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Whats everyone got for lunch today?

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Lol...Im still trying to get through my breakfast!! Very filling cooked Green Day one, but I have brought a Mugshot, tons of fruit, a Mullerlite yoghurt, corn on the cobs and a packet of Asda cheese curls in case I feel hungry later on!!! Lol
Chicken pasta salad (huge portion!), with a Muller Light for pud yummy! x


I ate my willpower!
Marinated chicken with rice and sweetcorn, but all mixed together in a tupperware. It's a bit dry, so I'm going to get some Nado's peri peri (1/2 syn per tbsp) to perk it up a bit. And perhaps some fresh pineapple. Mmmmmm
Ive just eaten a large fruit salad with kiwi, melon, strawberries, apple and grapes and a strawberry muller light. I'm going to have some slices of ham and cheese and a salad in about an hour or so as well.
I'm having an omelette with a small grating of pamesan (1.5 syns) and some tomatoes which I must go and pick in a minute! Served with some salad. Yummy and all freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


its a long road
im having the maccoroni cheese pasta n sauce for 2 syns :)..............then its off to work...boooo
I brought some ham, salad and beetroot and 2xlaughing cow EL. Just got a baked potatope from work... yum yum xxx

I have a mullerlight and satsumas for later

L xx
Bit boring for me today really. I have a load of salad veg from the Aldi cheap selection (all at 29p instead of 49p this month!) little gem lettuce (from Lancashire, yay for local food!), cucumber and celery. Then some chicken breast with a sweet chilli marinade and some reduced fat salad cream (which I am currently obsessed with).
I've had a beef and onion sandwich with a little mayo - 2 syns
a tub of chopped carrots
an apple
and an asdas own mullar light yogurt! :)
I've just eaten:

2x Ryvita Dark Rye
1x Laughing cow extra light
A can of Tuna
small salad of Lettuce, cucumber, tomato and carrott.

Finished off with an apple!!


k xx
Still feeling full after my beans on toast for breakfast but planning to have the Thai Super Low Fat Super Noodles and got apple, banana and mullerlight for later
i'm just eating fruit (x2 bananas, x2 nectarines & large handful fresh strawberries - all sliced) topped with a couple of spoons of v. low fat yoghurt & v. low fat fromage frais.

going to have salad and chicken later this afternoon.

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