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Whats most water you can drink daily

Strated LL today and LLc told me at meeting last night that water consumption is now 2.5 to 3 litres per day including water used in shakes etc and black coffee.
I apprciate that you cant go crazry and last off litres at one point and should adopt the water wheel principle but its 4 pm and ive had 2.5 litres already .
have just kept sipping today

Is ther any problem in having say an extra litre providing spread over period of time


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Hi James,

You can drink loads more BUT it needs to be spaced out. Water intoxification which is what a lady died from is drinking too much water too quickly. Through 80% of abstinence I drank 4l or more a day. But at a rate of about a pint an hour or less.

Hope you are feeling good on your first day.


nearly there!! :)
I used to range from anything like 5litres to 7 litres a day....not inc shakes!!
its to thirst, and i needed it, but i spread it out evenly through out the day!! xx
I used to have about 5-6 litres a day but as everyone else says, spread over time! Just don't gulp it down. Keep that water wheel turning :)
Now LL says you dont have to have to drink so much they changed the rules, now its drink till you are content and they recommend 1.5 to 2L. Of course if you are like me and skeptical about everything then you will still drink 4 litres.

So yes drink about 5 max don't over do it and spread it over the day. dont drink it all in an hour or something stupid as that leads to salts being driven out he body and you can cause yourself seriou harm.

Remember tea and coffee count but not the food packs as your water intake


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Hi James,

I live in Leeds and am starting LL next week. Which class are do you go to?

My sister has done it and drinks about 4l a day. I will be planning to drink about 5-6l a day. I can easily drink 4l throughout the day at work and then 1 in a morning and one at night.

I am so looking forward to it. How much have you got to loose? I have about 6.5 stone to loose.

Good luck in your journey and if you need any support let me know.


is loving CWP xx
Hi James,

I am doing one in Morley as I live in Beeston. I will be going to the Tuesday one and my mum to the Wednesday (as relatives can't be in the same group). I am really excited to start. I nearly started this week but she didn't have enough people's forms to be able to start.

I recommend buying Marigold swiss veg buillion. It tastes just like veg cuppa soup. You can have 2 of these a day. I've tried it already just to make sure I like it. It really fills you up.

How are you doing so far?
Hi Becky
Yeah not doing too bad second day today
Was ok yesterday as no side effects - except lack of wine on evening so was early to bed for me
epecting few effects as kick into ketosis over next day or two
Where do you get that Marigold stuff from and is it allowed in addition to foodpacks do you know

Hi James

I got Marigold at Sainsury's but it is never where you would expect to find it. I usually find it by luck, but at ours it is often over the freezer food bins with gravy's and sauces, etc.

Yes, you can have two cups of it a day - a teaspoon each generally, but we were not introduced to it untill the second week so it may affect ketosis.

Its a life saver though - itsw just a little "something" extra that can help bridge the gap.

I am doing one in Morley as I live in Beeston. I will be going to the Tuesday one and my mum to the Wednesday (as relatives can't be in the same group).

Don't quite understand that. I had a mum and daughter in my first group and two sisters in developers. maybe it's just a rule your LLC has. Don't think it's an overall rule though. Can see the reasoning behind it though given some of the things you talk about in group.
Not sure I'd have wanted my mum there when I was talking about what a feeder she is!

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