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Whats the most unusual A's and B's .........

Whats the most unusual A's and B's you've been eating lately ?

I think its great to try different things to what you usually have, plus its great health wise and weight loss wise to have plenty of variety. So, what unusual A's or B's have you had recently ???

Inspire me lovely people ;)
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Not lately (as I'm quite happy in my Alpen Lights/Oaty bar/Hi-fi bar rut at the moment!!) but during my 'B different weeks' (where I tried different hex b choices) I've had;

2 Slices Nimble (wholemeal and wholegrain - I CANNOT FIND ANY WHITE - help me people!!!)
Ryvita minis - salt and vinegar or sweet chilli
Alpen Lights
Hi-fi bars
Weetabix oaty bars
Ready-to-eat Apricots (partially dried)
Tesco Apricot Wheats
Lidl Crispbreads
Potato (on a Red day)
Prawns (on a Green day)
Chicken (on a Green day)
Potato and leek soup (tin)
Chocolate Weetabix
1/2 hexb porridge with 1/2 hexb scan bran (in a spiced 'cake' - a bit like parkin - but not quite!!)

Having been tempted by the rhubarb thread, I think I'm going to try some stewed rhubarb as a hexb when the opportunity arises!!!
Thanks for your ideas Lonestitcher !! I love rhubarb too :)

I need to have a think of different things to have, perhaps for a challenge next week. The only thing I had differently this week was 28g houmous as a HB on green plan. I'm going to read my book tonight before bed to get some ideas - exciting stuff hey!
Sounds very yummy Victoria Louise :) Do you grate the mini baby bel over the chips ? I love SW chips !!!
can i ask about the sauce u mentioned? sounds amazing! sour cream and chive?xxx
Yeah, u can get it in supermarkets but I'm
Addicted to the one they do McDonalds that are 20p so I go buy loads n store them
In the cupboard and use then with my chips and syn them

??? Victoria-Louise ???
ahh i see. yeah maccys do the best things! but the naughtiest :( xxx

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