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Whats wrong with me?


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I'm a self saboteur.:sigh:
I managed to lose 7.5lbs before going on hols (took 9 weeks), then put 4.5 on in the 2 weeks I was away. Since then I can't get back on track. I start off OK in the morning then it all goes to pot. I'm
permanently famished - which I never was before, yet am drinking loads of water and fruit teas etc. I usually do red/green days. I tried EE but managed to put weight on with it - go figure!! I've stayed within my syn allowance but having just weighed myself (I know, I know) I appear to have put on AGAIN... I really can't face going to class to be told I've gained. :lost: Please help me find my willpower and motivation.
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Will be thin god dammit!!
Awww bless you.
Firstly how about putting your food diary on here so we can check your doing everything you can to lose?
I have a similar problem in some respects - Im great all day at work etc then at about 6pm i find myself lurking about in the kitchen looking in the fridge and cupboards!
I find that a mix of red and green work best for me though.
Good luck hun - you can do this!!!
PLEASE go to class. Yes, you may well post a gain, but you know this and are expecting it. Not going to class will not help you to regain your motivation. Going to class WILL. If you dont go, you are stepping on to the slippery slope back to where you were before. You have been away on holiday, a gain is NORMAL after that. Jeez, there was a guy at my class who went on holiday and put 10lb back on in 10 days. It happens! The point is that you have to pick yourself back up and put yourself back into the SW frame of mind, and you wont do that by avoiding the truth, especially when the truth is that you had a perfectly normal gain and your slimming mojo has slipped a bit since you got home.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go back to class. Its the one singular thing you CAN do to refocus your mind.
((( ))) i suppose it must be annoying for you to take alittle time to lose 7.5lbs but put 4.5 on in two weeks, which isn't bad btw i put 5lbs on in 5 days.
do you think you may have lost your motivation alittle cause you have lost your goal date for losing weight maybe you need to set a new date to aim for.
the reason your could be hungry is cause your body is used to more food from holiday try increasing what you eat at meals and your healthy snacks. if you feel hungry eat.
like the others have said post your diary let us have a look.
noticed by the way you are from notts like myself where abouts are you from?


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thanks everyone - I do feel abit better. I think I am beating myself up about summat that is "normal". :rolleyes:
I will get round to posting a diary, when I can figure out how that works... not very IT minded it has to be said.
I will go to class MadamLaMinx I promise.
Happy Holidays - I think I've gone to pot as I don't eat what I consider "good" food and will use syns on chocolate - then still not feel satisfied..
tinkerbellsmum - I think I will have to reassess my goal date as you suggest, and yes, I do think that may be one of my bugbears, sigh - deep breath - right ho! Back to it....:banana dancer:
Oh yes, I'm near Mansfield.


I want to be fitter again
You may find that the weight you put on on holiday won't completely show up the first week but often takes up to 10 days. After i had been away I thought I was hungry but I was craving certain foods that my body had got used to whilst away. Once I had worked out what foods were the culprit I made sure they were included in my syns allowance for the day. I will often pick at foods to prevent me giving in to temptation but it doesn't work it really id better to sometimes have a little of what you fancy (just not all of it lol) xx

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