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Whats your next goal(s)?

My next goal is to get down to 12st 8. The weight I was when I left SW. Then 11st 10 as that was my pre pregnancy weight. My main target weight is 8st 4 still a long weigh off. Ideally I would like to be 9st at my wedding if I can't do the 8.4 but we are planning another baby after so I'm hoping I can keep the weight down x

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I need to lose 2 lb to get my stone award. Was determined I would get it at next WI (fri morn) but had a bit of a blow out at weekend and had 40 syns total on sat & sun - family came for a meal and I had far too much alcohol. :eek:

In view of this I got up today (very late lie-in to sleep off the alcohol) with lots of determination and I've had bacon, egg, mushroom tomatoes & beans for brunch, a banana for a snack this afternoon then a huge fish with lots of veggies, cheese (hexA) and a small wm roll (hexB) for tea then banana & FF greek yogurt with a treat size flake to follow. Been drinking green tea with lemon and I've drunk loads more water than usual so hoping I can get back on plan now.

BTW - just looked at my meals and think I've done a red day without realising???? Does that mean I can have another hexB if I get peckish later?
Mine are getting under 12 stone (1.5lb to go) and then my 4 and a half stone award (5lb to go).

I like having mini goals too. Best of luck everyone :)


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my next goal is to lose 6 lbs for my 2 1/2 stone award and to lose another 10 lbs or so before my first wedding anniversary in 4 weeks. ive bought a gorgeous red dress for it :)
My mini mini goal is to lose 2.5lbs to get to 1.5stone loss.
Then it's to lose 6.5lb to get into the 18stone bracket!


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my next goal is to lose another 8lbs by 18th May, my last wi before my hols. This will get me my 2 stone shiny.


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My next few goals are:
To lose 4stone - 6lb to go!
To be less than 12st - 13lbs to go
To be less than my "bad" uni weight 9years ago - 1st 6lb

I have lots more goals after that - but that'll do for now!
lose 4lb to get my 2.5 stone sticker :)
but I think I've gained this week, as I went off track on Friday and Saturday and even went as far as saying I was going to quit, but I'm glad I'm back on track and that 2.5 stone sticker will be mine before the end of the month :)
oooohhh I have my many mini targets planned between here and goal -here are the next 4 :D

to get under 200lb -1/2lb loss needed

weight = 14st - 4lbs loss needed

get into the 13st's bracket - 4.5lb loss needed

overall loss 9st 7lb - 7lb loss needed

I find breaking it up like this makes it much easier....

I find breaking it up like this makes it much easier....
I agree I think breaking it into mini goals helps spur me on, I bought new scales at the end of Feb and set a 1st loss for my spa weekend in May, I have already lost 18lbs :D I'd rather set slightly lower goals and smash them than high goals and fail - You are doing so well xx
I bought a Countdown last week & would like to get my 1 stone award by the time I have to pay again? Slightly ambitious as I've lost 4lbs so far (first week's weigh in) but will be happy if I get to 10lbs off by 2nd June (when I have to pay next!)
I'm away next week too so after Thursday's weigh in will have 2 weeks until next one. Despite holiday (we're self-catering so hoping can stay on plan), I'm determined to come back at least 2lbs lighter!
I love mini goals!! :)

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