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whats your next goal?


Call me Nicky xx
my goal is to be able to wear a size 16 on my 30th Birthday (20th October). I believe I would have achieved this on CD but not as sure now I am on SW. fingers crossed xx
stick with red days and i am sure it can be done, i felt awfully bloated and always gained when i did green days suppose it was cus carbs makes me hungry so i used to eat loads.. lol... :)


Silver Member
My next goal is to fit into the size 16 dress I have bought for my sister's wedding on the 5th of July. :innocent0001:


is going to loose!
Said it before and dont want to anymore but... want to get through a great day of eating tomorrow before MI (measure in) on Friday morning>



Step away from the chips!
My next goal is to be be 13st 4lbs (and have a total of 5 stone lost) by 13th August as thats when i'll be going to visit my family & friends in Ireland. They wont have seen me since february before i started Cd so i really want to shock them lol

Its kind of a long way away though and i feel the need for some sort of interim goal to keep me focussed, just dont know what yet :)


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i want to get through this hen night and wedding with only having those two evenings 'off'. and i want to lose the majority of my weight by my OH's 30th birthday in september when we'll see his family who have only seen me at my biggest :)

abz xx
My next goal is to be overweight. I started off in the morbidly obese category, am now obese, and hopefully in 3 weeks time I will be overweight.:cool:


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To get through the first week! Seriously though, I am so looking forward to walking the children to school in september after the holidays and looking completely different. I will be very nearly at goal!

Roz x

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