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When did people notice you'd lost weight?


Wants to be a yummy mummy
I've lost nearly 3 stone now since starting cambridge on the 1st June but only 1 person has said about me losing weight that doesn't know I'm dieting.. There are a few mums up at the village playgroup I go to with my toddler who know I'm losing weight and they've said they can really see it but no one else has said anything..

When did people start commenting? Can you let me know how much out of the weight you wanted to lose they noticed? I guess 3 stone on someone who's 12 stone will make much more of a difference to someone who's 16 stone like I was!
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For me, people started to notice after I'd lost just 2 stone

Hugs x x x
Well people like my hubby and my mum obviously noticed much quicker-when I'd only lost a few lbs-but now that I'm nearly four stone down more and more people are beginning to comment. These are people who haven't had a clue I'm on a diet and who I don't usually talk to. They've probably noticed before now, but just didn't say anything. To say to someone 'God you've lost loads of weight!' almost means that you're admitting that you thought they were fat before, lol!:D It's just so obvious now that they feel they have to mention it! I was nearly 16 stone too when I started-nearly in the 11's now!
First time I did it 3.5 yrs ago I was 15.4 when I started and it was around 2-3 stone that people started to comment. This time round I started at 14.3 and they are just starting to comment now at a weight loss of a few pounds under 2 stone.

I think sometimes people really can notice but don't like to say anything in case you think they are being rude commenting on your weight at all. Just hang in there, soon it wil be sooooo noticable people won't be able to not say something :D x


Wants to be a yummy mummy
That's interesting sparkles.. I was talking about it with a friend earlier and we both wondered if it would be that people would start commenting when I was looking a "healthy" weight without much more weight to lose..

Tis a hard one though, I can understand that someone might want to take care for offending someone but what I don't understand is if someone has obviously lost lots of weight then they must have needed to lose it and would have "noticed" the weight coming off!!
I've noticed at work that more people have started smiling and talking to me the more weight I've lost. It's almost like the fatter I was I was more 'invisible'. Strange. Perhaps it's because now I'm slimmer I'm a more smiley person.
Apart from friends and family who commented after about 1 stone, only 1 person at work has asked if I've lost weight (and I've lost 2 stone and it's very visible IMO). He asked for the first time during my first week LOL so clearly paid attention. He regularly comments on how well I'm doing, but keeps it low key so that no one else can hear. I think all my other colleagues feel that it would be rude to comment but I have started getting the "you look well" comment. It's funny how I used to translate that phrase to "you've put weight on" and now it's the opposite!


can see the end in sight!
a couple of stone for me. I agree, people notice but think it's rude to say anything sometimes. I notice people in the office obviously staring when I wear something slimming but have only started getting shedloads of comments since I started wearing new clothes. Am now getting the "stop losing weight now, you have lost enough" remarks now, which I shrug off.

Annie 100

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I think it depends a lot on whether you have started wearing different clothes and doing that amazing thing that slim people do.....wear clothes that actually fit as oppose to cover!

When I lost my 4 stone on LL, I pretty much hid away whilst doing it, so the reaction of people when I emerged was one of stunned silence at first! Funny though, when the weight crept back on, some people said I looked a lot better with a bit more meat! Blow me, you can't win so stop trying!

Now, I'm losing it for me, so I can feel as great as I did the first time round and I'm not bothered what people think or say. (Also a lot of people won't comment because they are a tiny bit jealous, I know this for a fact because I've been that person myself :( )


Winning a losing battle!
It was about 2 stone for me but people really noticed when I started wearing different clothes. I do agree though that people are maybe worried about offending!
I was 17st 12 to start and at just under 2 stone loss I have had very few comments from those not close to me and only a bit of "oh you can see it around your face" from the others and "your knickers are getting loose" from my OH!!

I am starting to notice small differences myself but think another 1 stone loss is needed before the comments are made unprompted!

Can't wait for the day that I see someone and they say "bloody hell Mrs, have you lost weight or what?"!!!

By the way...congrats on your fab losses to date...keep it up as you will vanish before our eyes!



Speaks as she finds
I was 20 stone, and it took for me to lose a good 3/4 stone before people really noticed BUT now they do......and would you believe me if i said "its really quite annoying" I find it hard keep saying "oh thankyou" "how kind" "ah bless you for noticing" "yes i have lost nearly 7 stone" Some people are never happy are they!!! Lol x

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
A few things that will make a difference:

1) How often people see you. It often takes someone not seeing you for a while to notice. Go on holidays, come back and be prepared for loads of compliments :)

2) What clothes you wear. Obviously new, more close fitting clothes will make your weight loss more visible

3) How much people notice weight in general. I always notice when people have lost (or gained) weight because I'm sensitive to my own weight. However there are a lot of people that don't really think about weight so it may take longer for them to notice.


can see the end in sight!
I agree with your last point laura, I work in an office full of men who are all more interested in watching the cricket than their newly slimmed down office administrator! Most of them look like they can barely button their own shirts, gormless the lot of them.

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
I agree with your last point laura, I work in an office full of men who are all more interested in watching the cricket than their newly slimmed down office administrator! Most of them look like they can barely button their own shirts, gormless the lot of them.
Its one of those weird ones.... you have to be really careful what you say to work colleagues, a compliment like you've lost weight can be perceived by some as harassment, bullying, flirting or inappropriate. Our world has gone mad....a close friend told me it had been the lunchtime discussion whether it was PC or not to comment what a load of BS in my view!

Anyway first time round I weighed in at 16st11 The first comment I received was after 2st something, people really started noticed after three.... the weight I am at the moment - or was 6 days ago at my wi lol

You know that the most important person knows...YOU

Good Luck for the rest of your journey
:D One of the customers at work today commented on how the 'weight is dropping off you':D And she wanted to know my secret. But when I told her she was rather shocked. Mind you, this was a lady who buys a bottle of wine every day.


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Laura that's a good point you've made there!

I am in different clothes as I'm slimming back down through my wardrobe again! (Currently in the clothes I wore in the first 10 weeks of pg before I got a bump)

Guess I'll just keep waiting then!

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