When do people see results from an exercise regime?


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Hi troops, just wanted to put a question out there to people who are following a specific exercise regime!

Whether it's a workout DVD, running programme, gym membership, anything at all you do on a regular basis and didn't used to;- I'm interested to know how long it took you to achieve results in terms of toning up and increased fitness levels!! I've just embarked on Davina's Body Buff DVD which is of high intensity and involves a lot of cardiovascular stuff, interval exercises, boxing motions, lunges, small weight work and also abdominal mat work (the latter I haven't tried yet!) and as a beginner (but not totally unfit- I do walk a fair bit but not as much as I was!) I find it very difficult!

I am very eager to persevere with it because I want to see results, get fit and toned and I know from the taster I've had of it the past couple of days that I WILL see results if I keep following it 3-4 times per week! My question is, on average how much do people do per week and on that basis how long is it before people have seen a difference in the firming of wobbly bits, disappearance of muffin tops etc etc from doing these types of exercises? Obviously whilst following a healthy eating plan like the beloved SW!!

Thanks, H X
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Though I don't do sw, since I'm a calorie counter...I am also in love with working out. It took about 6 days for me to see my thighs getting smaller, 9 days for my arms (I actually have muscle!!!!!) And my tummy its taken about 3 weeks. But that's seeing the results through my eyes, but when I measured myself weekly, the number went down lower. :)

I workout about 6-7 days a week sometimes twice in one day so my results came in quicker. Now if I can only continue eating healthy, the scales would move more lol


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I work out 6-7 times a week, bootcamp, gym, lots of weighs and after a month really was a huge eye opener but other people noticed it before then and commented I was getting smaller etc.. I'm now working out twice a day so I'm getting super toned fast bit then again I'm over half way through my slimming world journey!

Keep up the great work, you will feel amazing and the great results will follow :)


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Hi Heather - great to 'see' you again! You're doing fab with the weight loss - way to go girl! I fell off the wagon due to illness, and put all the weight back on. Bah! But I'm losing much more quickly now which is partly due to the exercise I do - 1 hour 7 days a week. It's a Tae Bo dvd and I just love it. Hope all is going well at Alicia's class. I still miss her - she's a diamond.

Good luck with Davina!


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I would say after a month.

Definitely take a note of your measurements now and do them again in a months time


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Hello! I thought I'd add my piece :p

I restarted SW a week ago, and decided to get into EA active, so have done 6-7 intense work outs this week. I weight myself in the mornings, out of curiosity (naughty, I know). But my scales are positioned sideways a bit away from a big mirror. And because I'm usually sans clothes, I have noticed that my tummy looks a lot smaller already. I think it's partly because I have been eating right, meaning I haven't been bloated or carrying lots of extra water, and the heavy exercise.

I don't think it takes long to see small results!


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Thanks guys!! You've given me hope now!! Can't wait for it to start paying off...and getting easier!! Zoe did you see the message I sent you a week or so ago to say welcome back etc? Alicia is still mad as a box of frogs and entertaining us all!! Glad you're feeling better!! Sounds like the exercise is really doing it for you!!X


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I'd say 4-6 weeks before you can really see a big difference. Your tummy will feel flatter in the first week, you should notice a difference in fitness in the second week. That's how it was with me!


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Yep, at my gym they haul you in every 6 weeks to re-assess your fitness level and change up your programme.