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When do you start to notice?????????

I was just wondering when anyone started to notice a change in their bodies. Im due for my wk 5 WI tom and am not sure if my body has changed at all in the 5 wks!!!!!!! Im goin every 2 wks for WI at the mo cos id get disheartened with a small loss so its all pschycological (cant spell) for me. Just wondering cos it seems to making no diff to me and I aint had no one notice a loss either! Hmmmmpppphhh:rolleyes:
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"Small" losses on LT, give in! But hey if it works for you thats cool. x Believe me your body will be transforming before you, honest x
i notice my clothes r looser, and my face is slimmer. Im sure it's going i think sometimes we want big chnges so fast so we fail to notice the smaller things.
I know im a fool!!!!!!!!!!! Felt like this the last Sun before my WI. totally unrealistic to think im gonna be super skinny in 2 wks innit lol!!!!! Maybe I should go back every wk for a WI.....x
i like ech week cos it gives u a wee boost!


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i would have to go every week - but each to their own - if it means u stick to LT then do whats best for u!!

I have only been doing it a week but i feel sexier already even if the size of my clothes aint changed :D


Says it as it is!!!
2 weeks into LT i had dropped a size and fitted in clothes i hadnt done for a good few months x I would have loved to go every 2 weeks ...but i was not allowed :(


is going to loose!
i would have to go every week - but each to their own - if it means u stick to LT then do whats best for u!! :D
Great advice.

Also if you haven't dropped a dress size your clothes must be fitting properly now, if not loose. It's amazing to think back at wearing the same clothes and how tight they were.

I agree the face is also noticable. If your not sure also try measuring yourself as the centimeter's fall off in larger numbers.
Keep at it and well done, your loosing!



Loving LT!!!
My clothes were loose after the first week but to others, it was a couple of weeks before anyone really began to notice, people seem to notice every week now where as I don't! I think what you see and feel compared to what others see (and maybe feel;)) is always at a different rate, hang in there and you'll see!!!
T x
Think ur right there monsoon hun. Im a bit hyper critical of myself anyhow, so I reckon I should just go with the flo and carry on and maybee one day ill emerge like a bewtiful butterfwy!!!!!!!!! x
Thats from Bugs life btw....bloomin kids....never get to watch telly no more x
Oh you will! and then you'll not want to stop till your there (hopefully)
T x
It's taken 4 weeks for some people to notice that I have lost weight (which is great when they do) but maybe some people are a bit reluctant to comment on other people's weight?? I reckon some friends will not notice a loss as such and just think - wow- you're looking great! Either way, as long as you know you're losing and your clothes are feeling less tight, I wouldn't worry as you sound like you're doing fine to me!! Only today my other half said I was looking slimmer and its just the boost I need as don't feel like I'm losing flab off my bum and thighs fast enough!!!
Hey guys, i was so peeved when people didnt notice my weight loss when i could clearly feel my clothes getting looser. In fact i thought "you b1tche$".
Now on week 3/4 when i have resigned myself to just losing weight and not caring about my friends, thats when they nearly fainted with my weight loss.. I mean each and every person i bumped into was like OH MY GOOODNESS look how much you have lost! It felt nice and was a major boost.

But i think cos i just knew all this was for me, and sod them if they notice or not..i am oozing confidence that i wasnt before. I no longer look out for their attention (though it feels good). but i know in myself i am turning into a buttefly from the inside out.
Just concentrate on yourself and how fantastic you will/do feel, as long as the scales are moving and the clothes are loosening.. SOD THE REST!!
Hi I've noticed my clothes are more roomy now, just completed week two. But call me obsessed, I have a little book where I measure my inches (boobs, waist, fattest part of belly, hips, tops of legs and tops of arms). It a great boost when the inches melt away and you start adding how many you've lost. Just a thought. xx


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i think a good thing to do is to take photos of yourself every month or so, i have started to do this as i find it hard to tell just by sight alone. you can then compare the photos side by side and see the difference

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