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When is it too late to eat?


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Hi guys,

I want to have my last meal at leat 3-4 hours before sleeping.. You know how they say you shouodnt eat before sleeping?

It's difficult because I can't eat until 7-7.30 and I fall asleep by 10pm!

When do you eat your last meal? And does it affect your weight loss?

I would normally have a piece of fruit before sleeping but I've had 2 small losses in the last couple of weeks so want to try something different to aid a bigger loss next week..

Your thoughts/advise and general ramblings are much appreciated :D

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i have eaten my evening meal as early as 4pm and as late as 9pm , to me it makes no difference. i'm pretty busy in the evenings so i dont always get chance to sit down and eat until late. for the past 4 weeks i've been eating my evening meal between 8 and 9pm and been asleep in bed for 10. my losses have been good. so my personal experience would say it makes no difference. i do make sure i drink plenty of water too though because i exercise between 6 and 7 most days.


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Thanks katty. I to have started to exercise and drink between 1.5-2 litres of water a day.. Just want to make sure I have a bigger loss this week so trying something different x


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I think they proved the whole eating late being bad for You is rubbish!!

I don't get in from work til 7.30pm, i eat about 8.30pm & am in bed by 10pm as i have to be up again at 5.30am. If i ate any earlier i would prob be hungry again before i go to bed.


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I usually eat dinner at about 8 ish and at 10ish I have my syn treat and am in bed by 11.

I have always done this. So I don't think it matters.


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I've always go by the 'amount of calories in 24hrs' rather than not eating too late. In fact i always consume about 3/4 of my daily intake during the evening! It's never effected my losses, although i find if i eat too close to bed time i feel like i dream more throughout the night (sugars maybe?! :rolleyes:) and feel more tired getting up in the morning! :D


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There was a personal trainer talking about this on Radio 2 the other week ... apparently it doesn't really matter how late you eat ... the most important meal of the day is breakfast to kick start your metabolism. So if you eat very late at night you might be more inclined to skip of have a late breakfast.
I actually find that no matter what time I eat in the PM, I am starving in the morning and can't survive much past 7.30am without having brekkie. Makes lie in a the weekend a nightmare!


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I'd love to know who these "they" people are! "They" seem to have an awful lot of opinions about almost everything - many of which are contradictory!

Flippant comment I know - but seriously - the amount of times I read a comment about "they say this" "they say that" - it drives me up the wall!

Who are "they"?


Will get there one day!
I do like to eat earlier if I can though as I find I get indigestion if I go to bed not long after eating. Also I feel even hungrier in the morning if I've had a big meal the night before!


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We don't usually have dinner until 7.30pm/8pm depending on what time I get back from the gym. Because we eat 'later' it stops me wanting to snack on things like crisps etc later on. I also find that the later we eat the more hungry I am in the morning for some reason x

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