When to have the first pack of the day?


Hi all,

I know it's always said that it doesn't matter what time of day you eat your packs. When eating conventional foods, it's always said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, that breakfast kick starts your metabolism, that you shouldn't eat most of your days calories in the evening etc etc.
I just wondered if it were true too, when on a VLCD?
I'm just starting CD again. When I've done it in the past I've had all three packs after 7pm. Do you think this is a bad habit to be in? Should I try to space out my packs throughout the day, including one for breakfast?
I'd be grateful to hear anyone's thought on this.
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usually 10, 1, 4, 7 on a good day ...evening is my worse time xx


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I always had my first pack at 8am. I am a breakfast person and always felt better as soon as I'd had it. I also did want to stick to mealtimes to keep the routine and so the body expected to be fed at those times.

If leaving the packs until later worked for you last time though then you may be best to stick to that. Do what you think will suit you best.

Dizzy x

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I always make a chocolate muffin in the morning. Sometimes ats at 6 and at the weekends its more like 10. One of the problems I have, if it is a problem, that most of the time I just don't feel hungry and I have to make myself have the packs.

I normally plan to have a bar for lunch, a soup for tea and whatever 4th pack before I go to bed. I have to say most of the time the 4th pack goes out the window - which I know is very bad, before anyone tells me off - but I just cant face it.

There have been a couple of days when I've had 2 packs because I just haven't got round to it but the day after I have felt rubbish with achy muscles etc.

I guess we all get into our own routines. I for one will be glad to have a regular breakfast but I reckon I've got about another 6 weeks before that will happen.

I think the trick is do what is right for you and what will fit into your lifestyle. My LLC says that on such a low-calorie diet it doesn't make any real difference when you have your packs.

Good Luck


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I was always a breakfast person but because of the ketosis I am so NOT hungry when I wake up. I usually wait until 9am ish and on the days I am in work I just take the pack in with me.


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I usually have 1/2 a pack before i leave for work at 8am, then the other 1/2 at break time 11am. Then ill have 1 when i get home then a soup at diiner time with the family.


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I have my first one - normally hot banana at just before lunchtime - 11/11.30 - then another shake or bar afternoon - 3 or 4ish and my tea - normally soup at about 7pm. If i'm really peckish I'll have a choc mint for bedtime.

Have them when you feel you want them - or feel hungry. The only caution would be not having had any of them and doing anything physical .... you may feel lightheaded.


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I love to spread mine out and as lates as possiable for the evening as i get hungry then