When to stop SS?


need some advice pleeeease ......finding Sole Sourcing soooo hard but Im not sure I should be on it anymore???

I'm 5'3 - weigh 10.7 stones......BMI 26.

Should I come off Sole sourcing when I hit the 'healthy' BMI of 25, which is 10 stone 1 for me :confused:

OR should I just come off it now?

My ulitmate target is 9 stones BMI 23ish

Hope someone can help?

thanks so much :D
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if you dont want to ss anymore then why not do 790. it wont make much difference to your losses but you get to eat every day.

I got to 10 stone 8 and am also 5'3 and decided to stop ssing then as it was so hard. (that was before christmas though and ended up eating too much then now finding it hard to get back into)
hi kati,
thanks for your post. Do you mind me asking - so are you still SS or are you doing 790 now? If so how are you finding it?

I have tried to get back on SS since New Year but failed repeatedly!!! Im a bit sick of it now - SSing worked so well for me in the run up to Xmas though. Not sure why I cant get back into it. Think its all in my head because Im so close to a weight I havent been for a good ten years adn Im terrified!! Aaarhh:rolleyes:


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I have tried a few times to get back into ssing but failed at it. Having another go today but I think like you it is all in my head. I have a big problem in that I work with food and can eat whatever I want so am constantly surrounded by temptation.

I decided to try and do CD 1000 and work my way down to 790 and just do that. I've changed my mind now though and decided I need to do solesource again just to get my head around it again.

It cant hurt for you to try 790 if you need to eat. It's just work that spoils my plans of that cos it's all carbs

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At BMI 26 you should now have an AAM for half week, 790 for half week then move on to 1000.

You should only be on a VLCD if you are 1stone over BMI 25 which is BMI27, a VLCD is SS, AAM and 790, so rather than jump straight to 1000 which is a bit of a shock to the system do a week moving through the 2 stages then on to 1000 cal part b.



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Hi slimlouise,

I think Kati has given you good advice there about doing step 2/790kcal plan.

It is also good training for getting you back onto food and as Kati says you will still lose weight.

It would be much more sensible to hopping on and off SSing.

Speak to your CDC about it. You have a little more to eat than when your on AAM week... 6ozs skinless chicken/8ozs of fish, quorn or tofu, or skimmed milk cottage cheese, accompanied by 3 tsp 'white or green' beggies cooked or raw and you have the additional alowance of 1/2 pint skimmed milk.

Some find they lose the same on this as on SSing.

Love Mini xxx

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Hi Kati,

One more week of SS would be okay then one of AAM, one 790 then onto the higher programmes for the rest of the weightloss.

They are all weightloss programmes even the 1500 cal one.