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When will my dress size change!?!?!


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You may be losing visceral fat, which is the most unhealthy fat around your organs
This will take some time to show through
How are your muscles. If they are loose then they are just going to hang out of shape - i hope that makes sense:)
The development of your muscles will actually pull you in so I think finding your body magic is key to sculpting your body. Once you find something that you enjoy, it becomes part of your normal lifestyle.
My opinion is strength type training tightens muscle very effectively, and will change body shape very quickly.
You will get there, I did, i started at size 16 and this summer I have bought size 6 shorts and skirts from a number of different retailers Primark, Debenhams, etc
Keep up the good work, you will start shrinking :)


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I've lost over 2 stone since I started SW and have only gone from a size 14 to a size 12 - then again, I do appreciate the fact that I may have been kidding myself that I was a size 14, when in actual fact I may have been a 16!

I have a 29 inch waist so according to the chart I need to lose another 2 inches to go down a dress size, lol


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S: 21st9lb C: 14st9lb G: 14st9lb Loss: 7st0lb(32.34%)
It changes for everyone, two of my friends who go with me have lost 2 stone. One has gone from a 16 to a 14 and the other from a 24 to a 12. Now make sense of that?
Its so weird that we all change shapes at different times. I was trying to kid myself when i started SW that i was a 22 but if honest i was a 24.
I've lost 1st 10.5lbs and i'm now into a 22, some makes are a bit snug still, but the majority fit fine, tops i'm down to a 20/22.
My friend who is also doing SW has lost just over 2 stone and i reckon she's gone from a size 22 to a size 18.
She's not lost much more than me weight wise, but to look at each other i wonder if people can tell with me as it's really obvious with her!
Keep at it and it will show eventually.
Years ago (about 18yrs) i was a size 30 and slimmed down to a size 16/18 which i stayed at until meeting my husband 5 years ago, but when i did start to lose weight them it took about 4/5 months before anyone mentioned i'd lost weight or it became obvious.
Dont be disheartened, we're all made up differently and lose weight and change shapes at different speeds. :)
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First of all I would like to say I'm sooo glad I found this app....everyone is so supportive and it's really reassuring that there is somewhere to go for a bit of advice!
I started Sw again in feb and was definitely a size 18 and my clothes weren't tight so I know I wasn't a 20 (not that there is anything wrong with that if I was) my clothes are now a lot looser but I've still kept my size 16s from the same shop and whilst I'm nearly there getting into them I would of thought that 24 lb would of made a difference as I haven't put this much weight on since I last wore them!
I guess I'm hoping that once I do go down in sizes then I will continue to do so more quickly although I do believe that the smaller the weight loss the more chance I have of keeping it off this time as its more a change of life style than a diet ( I have done Sw before but got a bit cocky with quick weight loss and thought I could do it myself but then got bored as I was basically on a diet instead of changing the way I see food)
In the meantime I'll keep plodding along and be sure that you guys will be the first to know when I buy myself a new pair of jeans.....in a size 16 of course! Xx
am i the only one who HATES next sizing?? How can i fit into 12/14's in new look, 14's in river island, 14's in debenhams...and struggle to get on a pair of next size 16 jeans????? xx
Have heard it said on here that Next use vanity sizing so are quite generous, but like you, I find that I have to go up a size in Next. I can quite easily fit into a 16 top in New Look but haven't got a hope in hell of getting into a 16 in Next, especially shirts with buttons which just gape at the chest.


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It's so weird, dress sizes. I've only lost about 9 lbs and I am wearing size 18, I was 20 before, and we are talking about Jean size. Before I started SW, couldn't zip up size 18s, now, easy. Having said that I have been exercising big time, and like Kron said developing muscles makes you more toned therefore pulling you in. I have been doing 30 day Shred and also P90x and Davina's body buff. And I think I am losing inches more than pounds. At my weight and height I should be a bigger size but I am not. Everybody is different.


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S: 16st3.5lb C: 15st5lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 36.9 Loss: 0st12.5lb(5.49%)
Jillian Michaels's. It's a 30 day program that has 3 levels. The best part is each workout is only 20min but boy does it work you! Seriously the best thing ever. Within a week of doing this my body started changing. It's really tough but very effective and Jillian is an awesome trainer. You can get the DVD from Amazon.co.uk or Play.co.uk for about £6.


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Check out the fitness forum there are some good posts and the shred thread has a number of users who keep spurring each other on


8.5st lighter!
S: 24st7lb C: 14st1lb G: 13st13lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 10st6lb(42.57%)
I've lost 3st3lb and dropped 3 sizes top and bottom.


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Copied my post from another thread:

I am interested to see how this works out for me, so far I have:

Start: 43.5 (20) 36.0 (18) 46.0 (20) BMI 32.4 Obese *
0.5 st: 43 (18) 36.0 (18) 44.5 (18) BMI 31.3 Obese
1.0 st: 42 (18) 36.0 (18) 43.5 (18) BMI 30.2 Obese
1.5 st: 42 (18) 36.0 (18) 42.75 (16) BMI 29.1 Overweight

I would say after losing 1.5 st I have dropped 1 dress size - going from a size 18/20 to a size 16/18.

*at my heaviest I was 9 lbs heavier than this but I have no stats. I just wore 'big' sz 18 clothes - I have never bought a sz 20 even though I clearly was that size.

Previous to having children I never bought a sz 16 even though I definitely was! When i got bigger I used to bring out my 'big' size 14's - at my heaviest I was 12 st 3 lbs (171 lbs ) then.

I am 5'5.75'' so I round that to 5'6'' for BMI purposes.

When I was 137 lbs (my lightest adult weight) - BMI 22.5 - I was a size 8-10 waist and size 12 bust and hips.


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when i first joined like years ago i didnt notice a change but then my mum said it was because i bought clothes too small for me in the first place, maybe this is some of us here? were we to ashamed to admit we were the size bigger hmm i dont know!
because if you think about it, when i was a size 10 i bought size 10 clothes, when i put half a stone on i still wore my size 10 clothes when i wasnt really a size 10 and they maybe looked too tight? i dont knowww
I have lost 1 stone 6.5 pounds and now my size 10 clothes are getting a big baggy well some of them but i definately know i am no size 8 haha!!

hollys nan

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I have lost 2st 1lb and got to target. I found that initially 10lb was a dress size and I have gone from a 18/16 to a 12/10 depending on the store.Its a fantastic feeling isnt it when yr tight clothes seem to feel comfy and yr too small clothes fit nicely


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I have lost 1st9lbs and haven't changed sizes yet. I have lost weight on my face mostly but my middle section is still the same just slightly deflated x


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The only thing I've really noticed a difference in is my work clothes, but I do wonder whether or not I was actually the size I was wearing as when I look at pics now I do think I could have done with my jeans being a size bigger! xx


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S: 21st2lb C: 14st9lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 35.2 Loss: 6st7lb(30.74%)
Sizes vary so wildly and I hate trying things on in fitting rooms so I will buy/order the same size, sometimes they fit other times too big other times too small, atm I have 1 pair of size 20 jeans 4 pairs size 18 jeans 1 pair size 16 jeans that I am currently wearing!!! I think its best not to get too hung up on sizes and wear what fits and suits/flatters you :)


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The posts about exercise are so true. Even when you lose weight, it doesnt always equate to losing fat, so you can end up still being the same shape. Its the exercise that really changes your shape.

As for sizes, i can be anything between a size 10 and size 14 in next alone depending on the cut and style!! For most of my clothes im just getting into the size 12s, they are a bit tight, but the size 14s are massive. Hopefully i wont take too long to get to the 12s.


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Last time I did SW I started as a 14/16, and lost over 2stone.
When I had lost that weight I was only a 12/14...
I'm rejoining, and going to reach my initial target I set a couple of years back- an extra stone on top of what I lost last time before I stopped.
Hopefully that will take me to a size 12!
I agree about the exercise helping the body to change shape, and for that reason have vowed to start doing some more activity.
But it really is frustrating that 2 stone in weight is only 1 dress size for me. Ah well, gym here I come ;)

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