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Ive been doing Cd for 3days but havent noticed any change in weight or clothes yet!
Ive read that some people have had a change in both weight and clothes and wondered how long it took before this was noticed (more clothes than weight)!

Also what was the difference thanks x x x x
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The Diet Guy
For me it was actually the start of my 3rd week that I really started to notice it big time. For a lot of people the first thing they notice is there neck getting tighter (weird but common!).

I found my energy levels were up though from about day 5.



Mistress Mush!
Ive been on it 10 days, lost 1/2 stone, but i dont feel it, or i dont personally see. Though my family and bf say they can see a little difference


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It took a couple of weeks for me to start seeing a difference in my clothes. To be honest hun I've never heard of anyone seeing their clothes being looser after just 3 days so I really would go getting yourself stressed about it just yet. This diet is like any other, it takes a little while for you to start seeing the change but at least with CD you see it a lot quicker!:)
Neck getting tighter?! very strange. lol
cool cool, ill wait, im so impatient


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Yeah, the thinner neck thing is wierd ... apparently if you neck is larger then 13 inches you are overwieght... x x it took 2 weeks for me hun and i dropped a size x
ill just keep waiting then, just want to feel like something is happening


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you'll get there, don't focus so much on what everyone else is doing although i shouldnt say that as i do it! lol but we are all so different, i noticed my clothes were looser in the first week, and now they're falling off me, but just relax because it will happen for you hun xx

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