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Where can I buy CD on line

Hi, I know you shouldnt do it, but I cant afford to go to classes etc so have been buying online, however I have almost run out and my usual supplier through ebay has ceased selling the product. I have been off the diet since may last year and need to get going again but only have about 2 months packs left ( all soup) can anyone point me in the right direction online?
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I don;t think you should buy it on line, as part of the diet is seeing your CDC.

I looked on ebay and it cost more on there than going to a cdc anyway

Wishing you all the best with what you do xx
No you really should not buy online.....andwhy would you...as it is def more expensive....are you not supposed to do CD for health reasons...cause that is the only reason I can think of of buying it that way and in which case you really shouldn't be on the diet....
Unauthorised people are using eBay to sell the Cambridge Diet. The Cambridge Diet is only available through a network of company trained and accredited Cambridge Counsellors.

There are medical conditions which have an impact on whether someone should use a Cambridge weight management programme. For example someone who is pregnant or breast feeding cannot use the Diet to lose weight. So it is vital that everybody meets with a Cambridge Counsellor before they start any of our programmes.

Dependent on the mix of products bought, a week’s supply of Cambridge Diet in the UK costs around £34 - £39 (for a woman using the Sole Source® programme; for a man it is slightly higher) and this includes the support of a Cambridge Counsellor. We have seen Cambridge Diet for sale on eBay in the UK at “£285 for a month’s supply (£71.25 per week).

Please note that in other countries, the price of Cambridge Diet programmes through appointed Cambridge Distributors may vary for a range of reasons.

I got that off the CD website. I think CD have clamped on the people selling the packs on eBay and rightly so.​
Thanks Guys,
I was on lighterlife and lost 5 stone, but put it back on and tried Cambridge last year to lose weight for my wedding but it didnt work for me at that time so I gave up. I have loads of soups left and just wanted to supplement them with a bit of variety. Will think about going to a counsellor, but the packs were only 1.00 each on ebay so very much cheaper less than half price than the consellor in Brighton was charging. Thanks for the advice.

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