where can i get green leather boots?


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i fancy a pair of green leather boots.knee high to wear with skirts or skinny jeans. with a heel. but not a narrow heel. something that i can wear all day and walk in. not flat. not suede. no tassels or embellishments. just plain long boots. posh boots to wear to work.

any ideas?

i know its no help but i saw a pair on a lady yesterday and overheard her saying to her friend that she couldn't get a bag to match! (they looked nice though!)
they're size 5, I'm size 5 :) I'm watching them lol.

not sure about 2nd hand shoes though, they might smell or something
I'm going shopping tomorrow If I see any green boots anywhere I'll make a note of the shop and let you know. I'm sure I've seen some before I just cant remember which shop it is. I can tell you where it is in the metrocentre though lol
let me know if you see any. onyone...anywhere...

(not sure where the metrocentre is i know its gateshead but dont know where that is:eek: )

i travel a fair bit.

im in Birmingham at the weekend.
Bath next week
and in 2 weeks time im in Lancashire

i quite often stop off somewhere on the way to do some shopping.
Found these on the Faith website - they have got a big Faith store in the Bullring Shopping Centre!


mmmm now I'm wanting some Red boots......best go have a look!!

Hi Jo!

Haven't a clue about Oasis I'm afraid - one of those shops I'm still 'too scared' to venture into....:eek:

I think you can order them boots on line too.... have fun at the Bullring its great for shopping....

btw did you enjoy the car show at the NEC last week? My parents went - said it was very good....we only live down the road in Coventry!

Have a good weekend hope you get your boots - I'm looking on ebay now for red boots - always wanted a pair when I was a 'bigger' girl but didn't dare draw attention to myself but now I think I just might - although only want them for under jeans so ankle length will be OK!

Hey those green cowboy boots are mine!!

Bought them last year from Faith but not worn them yet.

Lovely shade of green.

Faith do really good colours.

the car show was really good. MANIC busy..zillions of people. we saw the 11am performance with the very gorgeous mr Clarkson. clever stunt drivers. and with 'mr slow' james may in a jet powered mobility scooter!!

the cars in the halls were amazing. one thing made me laugh....i wore over the knee black sexy boots, skin tigh jeans and a Very low cut biker girl top with masses of cleavage,,and there i was looking at the lamborghinis. this guy came over and i got invited into the compound to take a closer look and sit in!!!.WOW i SMILED hugely..now that would never have happened when i was fat.

re Shopping in Brum i mean the Oasis centre...the goth/punk/fetish market type shop...

im getting much more daring with my choice of clothes these days

CDC...those boots are lovely..