Not dieting ATM!
Now the days are cooler and shorter we will be wanting more hot 'meals'. At the mo. I'm enjoying a nice hot chocolate. Was wondering what Toffee and Walnut is like hot, anyone tried it? What other flavours do you all enjoy hot? Would love to know?:)
i've tried banana.. and that's like banana custard! YUM!
Choc mint is like an options! lol
I have all of mine hot.

Even on the hottest days of the year I had my toffee and walnut lovely and warm.

In 8 months I only once had a strawberry cold...and that was on my first day!!

mmm...soon be time for my 2nd half of the day :)
My lips are being licked at the sound of that. I'll have to buy more vanilla as I didn't really like them cold! I'll give the toffee and walnut too. Thanks Fireflies_UK! Dizzy
don't like coffee.. but will try mine hot in a while i think.. forgot to get vanilla again this week.

I LOVE and am addicted to Fruits of the forest but haven't tried it hot yet! :p
CHEERS DQ AND AMANDA! I've been doing this for 13 weeks and this feels like a whole new start. Especially as I just bought my first box of bars too! Dizzy
i love the hot choc mint.

but i use peppermint tea to make the minty flavour stronger, its really lovely and that the one i normally have last thing at night! :D
Thanks purple hugs. Let me know what you think of the coffee and fruits hot when you try them. I like the idea of adding cinnamon to the vanilla and also trying nutmeg (is that allowed, anyone know?) Dizzy
Thanks Tracie, that one sounds nice too. So do you make a peppermint tea and then use that to mix up the shake?
Just trying my first Toffee and Walnut hot and am loving it. It is so delicious, much prefer it hot than cold. It's warming me through too. So happy you guys recommended it. Looking forward to trying other of you're new ideas. It's great to still have new stuff to try after 14 weeks. Dizzy x
I used to have all of them hot!
My fav was to split a vanilla pack in half, add 2 tsps of coffee and 1 sweetner and a sprinkle of either cinnamon of mixed spice. Add just over half pint of hot water whizz up and and then add cold to top up. Sit backand thnk you are in starbucks and then have another one!!:) :)
Thanks JazzyJ

Guess it's pretty much like a latte could start using the espresso again. Think my husband would appreciate a couple of those as a treat. We both gave up black leaf tea and coffee while doing CD.

Thanks for that.

I only like the choc and the choc mint hot! Id much rather have a chilli soup if I want something hot. I like all my shakes cold preferably... with ice! yummy!

But I can see with the winter months ahead why ud be more tempted to have them hot!
Did you see the tip BBFM to make up the choc/choc mint with peppermint tea. I think that sounds nice will try that soon when the mood takes me. Dizzy