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Which liver?


'this time i'll do it!'
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i use lambs liver as its not as strong as the others, maybe as you have never tried it before you might want to start with that.
i buy Icelands lamb liver, its frozen and you dont need to defrost it,the pieces are ideal size,no fatty bits and is only £1 for a pack.
hope this helps, xx
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we prefer lambs liver for main course dishes and chicken livers for first course dishes.

Lambs liver is a more delicate flavour.

Pigs liver is the cheapest here, don't know about with you, but soaking it in milk in the fridge overnight does a lot for it. The cats go potty for the milk !!!
Lambs liver is great on it's own, for a casserole I'd use pigs or ox liver and I agree with Sue, soaking it in milk for a bit really does tenderise it a little.

Love liver, good for you and cheap too!


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Firstly, thanks for the responses.

Well we tried Ox liver and I really didn't enjoy it. Unfortunately, I had to go and buy it before anyone had the chance to reply so I didn't know about the milk and the more delicate lambs liver. But, I am willing to try it again as it is so cheap and good for us.

Trying to get my youngest to eat anything for tea at the moment is a trial. I think she is rebelling against my various SW recipe attempts and just doesn't like much. In desperation, I tried to persuade her it was a type of sausage!!!! However, unless it looks and smells like pizza, she turns her nose up atm. (Please don't think that is all she has ever been fed :eek:, as we have always had a varied healthyish diet.) She is even going off spag bol which was always a guaranteed success...

I will add lambs liver to the list for next week..... fingers crossed!
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If it makes you feel better my son would only eat chicken, potatoes (not chips or mash) & garden peas, at every meal. He never had tomato sauce, gravy or mayo with them so I just let him get on with it. Now he will try more things but doesn't do spicy or anything with a sauce.:D


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Have you tried getting your daughter involved in the cooking? It might take more time to get things done at first, but it's quality time together, she'll be learning to cook healthily, and most children are much more keen to eat the food if she's been involved in making it.

How old is she? If she's old enough maybe she could help you list what meals your having for the week and work out a shopping list. All brilliant learning for later life - especially if she goes off to uni one day. (I sat and showed my 18 year old friend how to do that after she got in a real state about money / food / bills after her first term at uni - she loves cooking now but didn't have a clue before because her mum had always done it all).


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I agree that being involved helps. She is 4 and was always the better one for trying anything of my three children. I think it is just a rebellion that will soon come to an end. I engage with her a lot at the weekends about what we will be eating on different days and get her to help make fun (synful) things. But (and I know it sounds like an excuse), if I had her helping me when I am preparing the tea, it would turn into an quarrel with my son (5) as there is not a lot of room in the kitchen for 'helpers'. Plus, when I rush in from work at 5:30, anything I make has to be quick.


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havent had liver for years. I used to make liver dishes a couple of times a week and suddenly I went off it and haven't had it since. I think because it smelled quite 'bloody' the last time I used it and put me off.

I will contemplate getting some - as it is so good for you.

Thanks for the post and reminders. Didn't know that about the milk though.
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I had this receipe last week and used lambs liver and we loved it. My 12 year old son tried the liver and loved it so will make it again sometime this week.

Sharon x


A sucker for a key change
I had this receipe last week and used lambs liver and we loved it. My 12 year old son tried the liver and loved it so will make it again sometime this week.

Sharon x
Did you cut the liver into cubes or slices? I wondered if the bits weren't so big whether it would bother me so much...
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I have a great recipe for chicken livers in tomato served with tagliatelli. Great for SW. Cut the liver small enough kids might think it is like bolognese. Just add extra cheese for OH and kids.

Will look out recipe and post tomorrow!

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