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Which SW plan do you personally have best weight loss with?

Green, red or EE? I am just curious. My first weigh in was yesterday and I lost 3 pounds which I am more than happy with, because I really was full up all week on the green plan. This week I am going to try Extra Easy and see how I go, but am wondering if my loss will stop because of eating the free foods from both plans?
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Your weight loss will not stop if you follow extra easy, SW would not have brought this plan out if that were the case. Fill a third of your plate with superfree and you won't go far wrong, you are also only allowed one A and one B, thus allowing for the extra free food.

I've never done a week of green, red or EE, I mix it up depending on what I fancy and what I have in the cupboards/fridge. I tend to have more green than red as they work out cheaper but I then have a couple of red days or EE.

Some people say green days make them bloated, some have red for a couple of days before WI, some can only do green as they are vegetarians and they still lose.

It really is a personal thing, we can all tell you what works for us but it may not necessarily work for you. Give it a try and see how you get on. There have been some amazing weight losses on EE in my group by the way!!


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I havent followed ee yet but I tend to lose better on green, don't know why as I feel more bloated on green. Don't lose as well on red :)


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I do EE more or less all the time. I think in the 7 weeks ive been doing it I have only had about 2 green days. I personally find them better for me and have had average weight losses of 2lb a week.


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I stick with the original plan and usually have all green or mostly green with the odd red day. I used to do mostly red with the odd green day and I can honestly say my losses are about the same. I find the green plan suits me best (but I had to get over my carb fear before I would accept that!) and I feel more satisfied on green days. I do enjoy red days from time to time though. On either day, I eat plenty of superfree foods and often the kind of day it is, is only decided in the evening with dinner!

Depends what suits your lifestyle and tastebuds!
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I am doing EE, it was what I was given when I joined SW online. There was not an option to find out about red and green days. I generally like it as it feels more like having normal meals. I have lost weight well until last week when i did not lose any (even though I had been very good all week). I know that women fluctuate, but it was still disappointing. Still, fingers crossed for this week! My weigh-in is Sunday as that was the day I joined.


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S: 15st4lb C: 15st4lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 36.7 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I don't think I could drop down to just 1 healthy extra, as I love bread and cheese, think thats why I havent tried it yet :)


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i tend not to loose weight on the ee but i do on red and green.


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I always used to do Green days and kept my weight at 9 stone for years by loosely following the principals of Green days. However for some reason I suddenly seemed to gain a few pounds, so I started doing Green days very strictly in January. (It was the first time I had ever weighed my food or counted syns.) No matter how 'good' I was, I could lose not a single pound on Green!

Following the advice of a friend, I switched to doing some Red days at the beginning of March this year. I am now doing nearly all Red days and have lost 8lbs and have oly 1lb to go.


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I found my most consistent losses were when I did alternate days of red then green. If I am honest, I think this is because I kept referring to my book and not taking anything for granted rather than the choice of plans themselves IYKWIM


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i follow green as i don't eat meat and it works well for me, have lost all weeks except one ( when I gained a pound and felt soooo bloated!) Have lost 22lbs in 9 weeks so i'm well happy:)

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