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who is an expert on calorie counting?


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i usually "try" and follow sw as a rule, but have decided to try calorie counting as its going to be near impossible to follow whilst im away for 5 days, staying in hotels, visiting relatives etc..

i understand i need to comsume around 2000 to maintain, but do i have to stick to this strictly everyday - i have good days and bad, can i perhaps average each days calories over the 5 days im away to total 10,000 (god, that sounds a lot) ie. 2400 one day when going out etc, 1600 the next when not too much going on etc .. if so, whats the longest can do this over? could i perhaps so this over a week? or will i "put on" weight when i go over my 2000 maintenance cals?
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You should be ok doing that. I would set a minimum I would not go under though, at least 1500, but then you could 'carry forward' the remaining 500 to the next day. If you need more for one day, you could take it from the following day's allowance, e.g. 1500/2500/1500/2000/1500 over a 5-day period.

You can also increase your allowance by exercising. As a general rule you consume around 100 calories per mile you walk/run so if you walk at a steady pace you should consume about 50 calories per 15 minutes of steady walking. It may not sound as much, but a 15 min walk around the block after breakfast, lunch and dinner will add up to a 150 calories extra to spend on something tasty!
I believe the average non pregnant woman should have 2000 cals to maintain...the problem is we are naturaly putting on weight so if u want to maintain u would need to eat less that 2000 to counteract the weight our bodies are storing for the babies, boobies, water ect.... i have been sticking to aroung 1600cals(5 days a week) and had maintained for about 14 weeks i have now put on 1lb (see my sig). Hope this has kinda answered your question x x


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Sorry, but I disagree with that. Your basic calorie needs increase when pregnant (although only by 2-300 calories in the third trimester). I think the reason why I started gaining weight is not the calorie intake, but the reduced activity - I ran a half marathon in early pregnancy, so ran at least 4 times a week for 1-2 hours and did other exercise too, then first trimester tiredness kicked in and I was in bed by 7 every night....

You will gain 'non calorie related' weight though, such as water retention, increased blood, development of the placenta and uterus and the growing baby. But this is not fat caused by overeating. If you stay the same in parts of the pregnancy, you are loosing body fat in reality (this is converted to the pregnancy related weight)


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hi thanks for info re calories .. think i'll try and stick to 1700-2000 whilst im away and get back onto sw when i return, as long as it averages out over the 5 days i guess i wont put on but just maintain .. but wont stress if i do, i think i really need this break . just want to feel a "little" in control, otherwise will eat everything in sight !! thanks again x
yeah exactly so for me to have maintained my weight to counteract with the normal pregnancy weigh i have (tried) to stick to 1600 cals a day and so far it had worked...untill i got let loose on the wok and gril buffet lol!


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it does depend on how tall you are 2000 is for the 'average' but whats average?!! def not me as im quite short at 5'1. if i stuck to 2000cals i would gain. have a look at this calculator

Weight Maintenance Calculator - Women | The Calorie Control Council

i would def get some sneaky exercise in to earn yourself some more cals. doesnt even have to be hard work, long walks with your other half, a gentle swim in the hotel pool if it has one?

be good 2/3rds of the day.... have a slimline breakfast and lunch and then a slap up yummy dinner of whatever you want. or a full blown fry up for breakfast and a leaner lunch and dinner.:)
Im quite supprised mine says that i need 2211 to maintain!! i fort thats quite alot....supose i should alow myself more snacks lol x

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