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Who is on week 2 or thereabouts?

Morning chick, im on week three so happy to do this with you if you want I really need friends to help me who understand what im going through.
Hi Victoria, just posted you on other thread. Me too, I need friends. We must be feeling same kind of things. Some people very positive but I need to be honest with myself. But together we can cajole each other along xxx
That would be great, why dont you join our independance day thread and set yourself a little goal, its helping me, the girls are great and you are talking to some of them already.

No idea what was wrong with me last night, but im quite teary this morning, proud of myself but a bit of more positive.

I am on line every night as hubs works nights apart from Friday and Saturdays (last night was an exeception), so can chat away all night helping each other


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Hi, I am also on week three, and still going strong, and plan on doing so for a while :D.

I would love to have some friends here on the forum who know and are doing the cd as well, so that we can support eachother. :grouphugg:
Brilliant Asa the more the merrier.
Great Asa and Victoria(we keep crossing our threads!) I think we should keep this uptodate as I think the people from the other thread are maybe away. Let's commit to talking to each other every day, if possible. I'm ALWAYS on here as I don't think, no I know I couldn't do it without this support. Then we're are also accountable to each other. Great idea.


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We certenly keep crossing our threads :D. I would love to keep this a daily thing! I sit in front of the computer all day (studying at home at the moment), and check in here on the forum several times during the day.
Im happy to do that too. Its a beautiful day today and im happy and positive again so cant wait for next year when I can wear lovely summer things and not tents thats how im thinking now.

How long are you doing it for, Im hoping for Decemember.


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I am not sure how long I am doing it for, but until I have lost my excess weight. I am guessing somewhere in September/October?

I have a bit of a problem with the summer to work out. I plan to do a total of 5 weeks on ss, then I start a new job and will probably need to have lunch there (I am thinking salad with chicken/shrimps), and then do three shakes for the other meals.

My boyfriend is supporting of this diet, but when he realized I was going to do this all summer, he got a bit sad. He wants to do things, having barbecues and so on. I am a bit torn. On one hand I just want to get it done as quickly, and without interruptions, as I can. But it is also a bit sad to say no to every event in the summer. How do you plan do handle the summer?
What are you studying Asa? That might make it easier for you if you can study from home.


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I am studying computer science. But I start work again on full time 8th of June. It is with mixed feelings for sure :D. I regret not finding cd a couple of months ago!
I plan on enjoying just the same as everyone and take my shakes and ice with me and my bars, im going to a party tonight and im taking my tetra with and have desiganated myself the driver for the night.

I work at home with kids and in the summer six weeks holidays have a house full all the time, so will baking and having picnics and doing everything for them but i will feel better for slimming down and I think by then the hard work will be paying off so i will be more motivated and will just plod on.
Summer will be hard. I don't really know what to do for holidays. We are going beginning of July. We vary from 5* all inclusive to camping in Cornwall. I love both. But when we camp in Cornwall, it's cooked breakfasts every day and lovely restaurants or barbecues every night. I can't imagine going on holiday and not eating!
Asa I have to sit down for a lunch everyday at work. It is beautiful homecooked food and as I am supervising teenagers and teaching them social skills it's part of my job and I need to do it. But I have managed to have a glass of water and not eat. It's hard but not impossible.
See that takes strength in what your doing, ive not booked a holiday this summer as we went in Feb and wont go again till ive lost, we have booked a weekend away at the end of September in Whitby, we have rented a little cottage for a long weekend and im really looking forward to it as I will look so different by then.

Just by typing away to you all is really helping me as it gets me all excited about the diet, thank you guys as i really needed a kick up my backside


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Hi, you are right. I could go to these events anyway, just have my shake at home before or after, and drink water there. My boyfriend will just have to deal with eating alone when we are home :).

I am from Sweden, and we don't have tetras here. We only have shakes, soups and bars (but not all the flavors you do). So if I am going somewhere, and I can't get a hold of a blender, it is a bit more tricky. For lunch at work for example. I could maybe bike home every lunch to take my shake. That might be a good solution for most of the days.


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I have two weeks of vaccation this summer, last weeks of July. We haven't decided if we are traveling of staying home.

Can you do three bars a day instead of shakes? I am thinking then I could continue cd when on holiday.
I have two weeks of vaccation this summer, last weeks of July. We haven't decided if we are traveling of staying home.

Can you do three bars a day instead of shakes? I am thinking then I could continue cd when on holiday.
OO im not sure about that why dont you make a thread asking one of the guru's im sure my CDC said only one a day as its more calories etc. its such a shame you cant get tetras, life would be so much easier for your hols. Cant your CDC get some specially for you


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Hi, my CDC is restricted to buying from the Swedish wholesalers (I already asked about all the things you guys have). I have no idea why there aren't more products in Sweden. I might call the head office and ask:)!

I will ask my CDC and the guru's here here on the forum about the bars. But I will wait I think. I just realized I am planning way ahead :D. Much easier to take a day at the time, or a week at the time.

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