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Whoop whoop clothes!! lol

As i have to get used to shopping again (I never liked shopping when i was fat), I ordered some clothes the other day. and they arrived this morning.

I purposely ordered mainly size 14s and a couple of 12/14 so that i could slim into them.. AND THEY ALL FIT!!!! In fact a couple look huge (but they are supposed to be but i am unsure if i want to wear big baggy clothes again). They will look a little better when i have lost a bit mote, but there is no reason i couldn't wear them now.

I am soooooooooooooo pleased i had to share!! lol

Hope you are all doing well x x x
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That is BRILLIANT Su!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This might sound creepy but it has often troubled me that when you said you didn't notice any difference at all in your clothes, I always thought that must be so disheartening for you. I am beyond delighted for you today, well done !!

You'll have to go and buy yourself something really special for Christmas, you deserve it x
Oh and send back the baggy clothes....you want to be able to see and appreciate all your hard work from now on :) x
Oh Su, I am sooooo pleased for you:D Like Ella I thought that it was a bit strange that you didn't think that you gotten any slimmer.....daft mare!

Why should you wear baggy clothes any more? It's baggy clothes that got us into this state in the first place......stop hiding in them, go get a BELT :D
Well done Su what a positive experience :)
Well done Su - that's further motivation to keep it up till refeed. Congrats & I'm sure when you get into the groove with your Zumba, you'll notice your clothes falling off even more as you tone up!!
Thats brilliant Su, i havent been a size 12/14 since my early teens, so I'm so happy for you, I'm actually looking a party dresses at the mo, something i wouldnt have bothered doing a few months ago,
Thats fantastic Su really well done. I remember you saying not long ago that you were in the same clothes, and they were just a little looser. Its funny how all of a sudden it just seems to disappear, And suddenly your comfy trousers end up round your ankles while running up the stairs (ok that might just me) But really really well done xx
Awh thats brilliant hun x
Cant wait til I can order new clothes for myself.
Thank you all so very very much.. I have been walking around with a grin on my face all day.... I ventured into town, and bought even more.!! Just some cheap bits that fit me well until i lose a little more..
Joe was a little annoyed until he opened the post and got a tax rebate from the Inland Revenue... I LOVE TODAY!! lol x x x
By which time you had already spent it?! x


addicted to minimins!!
yaaaayyy Su thats great :) good job ,, bet it felt so good to get them today,,i always get so excited when ive ordered things,,and the fact they all fit and some are big! bet youre over the moon!...:) good job .. x
thzts brill su, feels great dont it well done
Well dun u what a great achievement...I think u shud be slinky, sexy Su :)

That's brilliant news Su.. I bet is the greatest day ever for you!


Getting married in July!!
Thats brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well done!!! u deserve it!!! your just right about not wearing baggy clothes, after all this work you want to show it off.
i couldnt believe it when i took a bag of my 'skinny' clothes out of storage after reading this...just to see if it would happen for me too ....and it did!!!!! im fitting in to them all. like yours mine are mostly 14, some 12s but they are big fitting ones. it feels just great doesnt it!!!! i really cant get my head around being a size 14. im not a 14 in all clothes yet but its still great to get here!!!! woho x

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