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Whos going to be 100 % over xmas on CD ?


Strong women stay slim
NOT ME.. xmas day off... on orders from hubby and kids
I am having xmas day off and hopefully going out on New Years Eve so will be having a few drinks. Going to try and stay 100% until then but if meals etc come up, I'm not going to avoid them but just make good choices if I have something to eat.


Strong women stay slim
see I think if I take a break I may not get back into the Zone .... I just hope my zone is there then and if it is then keep going , as i have 5 stone to lose .
I guess these next 6 weeks will be the test of time , I start back on CD Tomorrow


Strong women stay slim
But good to hear how everyone is feeling and thinking at this time of year .... and wondering if people will go 100% till goal .
I was thinking doing 100% and think of things to keep me busy .


Slowly but surely x
im having xmas day off but eating purely non/low carby food like meat and veggies. will have my shake for breaky, xmas meats, veggies and a drop of gravy for dinner and my bar for supper.
Not bothered about new year and I rarely drink so im feelin pretty confident about it.


Strong women stay slim
See with me if I go on CD and some event comes up , like when I was doing this diet some months back I went to this event and they had champs and strawberries and sunch lovely food taht I started out firm by the end of the night I was eating drinking and everyday I said its the start , but it never happened that's why I'm seeing how others are thinking .....
I am looking forward to being strong come this Monday , show I few people taht I can get back in the Zone but as for Xmas scared too of what will happen also I have been invited to another event on 2nd Dec same one as I blew CD on last time ... need to take control
this year I am hoping to be at goal before xmas , and if not I will be taking a few weeks off as I shouldnt be far off . Last year I just ate crimbo dinner , and just goose and veg , no potatos or carbs . I knew if I took the whole day off it would be harder so i just stuck to this and loved it and found it easy to get back on :)


This will be my year
I'm doing 100% through to New Years Eve. My OH is working over Christmas and won't be back til the 30th Dec, so it will be chicken soup and a cranberry bar for me :)

I'm having New Years Eve and New Years Day off, though I'm not planning to go mad, but then will get back on plan til our holiday at the end of Jan


Strong women stay slim
Seems alot of people are going to do this . meat veg ... its only a few days to get under way !


Strong women stay slim
so your off to the sunshine state ! been there a long time ago . yes get as mucha s you can off before you go as you can eat and eat there !
so theres one so far 100 % SSer on xmas day any more takers ?


Girl on a mission
I'm on Exante but same as cambridge and i'm sticking to it 100%. This time last year i was doing well on cd, had decided to take christmas day off and my birthday and have spent the last 11 months trying to get back on the wagon:rolleyes: so have decided to do my add a meal week at xmas, no booze or carbs, there will be plenty of christmases after once i hit goal...just a pain that i'm missing out on my birthday and new year lol x
As well documented I have been 810 from september 23rd and starting tomo I go 100%SS and plan to do this over xmas as well, i have lost about two stone but now feel ready to really go for it :) good luck over xmas everyone whatever your plans are, but remember to come back on here in jan so we can all encourage eachother :)
I think I will be on 810 or 1000 over christmas so will be having my meat and veg but steering clear from the carbs and certainly won't be eating the chocolate etc - no way this weight is going back on for one day of feeling sick !
Nom nom Xmas day is eating day for me nom nom

But that's it. SS the rest of the time
I think I am going to eat normally on Christmas day, but will try and have smaller portions, and drink lots of water, then I will do 810 the day after and go back to SS+ the day after that..


Strong women stay slim
lots of people there with ideas , for me its my first day back on CD . I am unsure of what I'll do on xmas day and new year .... I am thinking to do meat and veg , but no drink , only a diet coke . I hope my plan comes together . Also its OH birthday and a big 50 , so have to think about that too . I have just seen my CDC and she asked which plan i want to do , I said SS and if I need i'll add chicken , but I will still add milk in my drinks .
I must do my Ticker I will go by my scales in the mornings :)
Lets all have a good xmas and also not blow the diet !
interesting reading, thanks everyone x

started today and xmas was my one worry. i will be at mums for the day and thats normally means plenty to eat, but i explained to her what im doing so im sure it will be fine. i will be having xmas dinner but not with all the trimmings and probably a shake for tea same for boxing day. this is my plan at the moment x
I'm going to be aiming to SS all the way through. I'm finding I am really in the zone this time so don't want to break the run!

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