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whos gunna join me?

okay, this is my 3rd week of weight watchers, and looking back through my food diary-ive realised that out of 17 days ive only done 10days sticking to points! so im making a mini goal to stick to my points allowance for 14days straight. obviously i started the plan wanting to stick to it 100% from the beginning, but i feel if i actually tell people it will spure me on, and maybe a few of us who struggle o stick to points, or havent been loosing lately good all do the same?
whos gunna join me in making the pledge? :D
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god for u hun i will say i will join u but i havent wentover mine since started and only have my 2nd wi tomorrow so i will join u cause i might be tempted to stray!
i pledge to stick with in my points allowance! x
yay!!! i just think if a little group of us all do the same it could help some of us who havent been great at staying on track to do so!
(well done you for sticking to your points allowance! i get 19 a day, and i found it a struggle at first, but ive done a good shop, and found loads of low point filling foods)
Hi there, I haven't yet gone over my points allowance - though I've only been doing this since Wednesday! :D

For me, WW is amazing, because it has shown me that I don't NEED to stuff my face in order to feel satisfied. I used to eat a massive bowl of cereal, but now, 30g is perfect!

I would therefore like to join you in this, and not go over my points!

I'd just like to say that your weight losses are amazing btw! If I can get results like that, I'll be so chuffed! How many points are you on? I'm on 21 :)
erm, what do you mean 100%? do you do it by days, or weeks, my allowance is 20 a day, but sometimes i have 22 on one day but then 18 on the other to make it up? ... so are you doing it by sticking to exact points each day? or just 100% weeks where in total throughout the week you haven't gone over? :D
carthago:well done, i love it too, its just trying to change those habits, on an evening my boyf stuffs his face with all kind of junk, and its just learning to resist, and to have alternatives at the ready! i get 19points BTW.
smirky: well we can do either way really, aslong as either day be day, or throughout the full week we stick to it 100%. im gunna go for days, as i find i get thinking 'oh i can have some biscuits but use less points tommorow'....then along comes tommorow, and i do the same thing lol. once i get into the swing of it im sure ill be able to use more points one day and less another no problem.
thing with me is sometimes i head out, and when i go i tend to go over but then have less points on the other days, i always stick to about 16/17 points before WI as i always feel like i'll be lighter haha though i know it won't work like this :p

right i'm up for it! i've been 100% since Friday which was my WI day, so i say my 2 weeks has started :D
well my 2weeks started yesterday, i was just having bloody computer issues yesterday so couldnt post! grrrr!
i always do that onthe day before, as i weigh myself on thursday mid-morning to dinner time, after breakfast and getting ready, so wednesday i always try to use about 16 points-i dont think it works, but if it makes us feel better then who cares lol!
so the 100% 2 week challange particpants thus far are:
carthego delendo est

so we shall hopefully all have good weight losses at the end of the 2 weeks-and keep eachother supported! good luck everyone!
Hiya Ill join too,I was 100% for 6 months from march 1st ,I went away bank hol weekend had 4 days off and now its a struggle to stay on track,Ive been good so far BUT my weightloss has plateaued (how do you spell that horrid word :eek: lol)
So I weigh in tomorrow although I couldnt weighin last monday as I was away so its a 6 day week this time.I knew id struggle after having 4 days off so my 100% is to christmas eve :D

Heres to 100%er's :)

carthego delendo est
yay!! well i thought, especially for myself, if i could set short term goal to stick to points 100% for 2 weeks then im more likely to achieve it-and learn how to manage my points properly too!
Please could you add me to your list PinkPrincess? I made a fresh start last week (although I've been a WW member for a while) and I was 100% on track, losing 3lbs. This week though, I'm finding it harder to stick to. Last night, I REALLY struggled to stay in control. I only blip over my points by half or 1 but its enough to make me feel like I'm failing - and that puts me in the danger zone! Being part of this for 2 weeks will hopefully keep me focussed. xxxxxx
of course you can wannabee-were all in the same boat no matter how much weight we want to loose, and i usually really struggle sticking 100%-and because of this thread and you lot i found it easy to stick to my points for a change!


carthego delendo est
Thanks PinkPrincess! I feel exactly the same!! I feel really motivated this morning too - lets go for it!!!!!!!!
my point allowance it 23 but have never been any where near it i feel that it is to many 19 is the most i have went to! i feel as if that it is a extra meal to me! my 23 iykwim i am hoping it goes down to 22 when i lose 3lbs i have wi today so will see i have been really good and eating 3 meals every day and walked every day too but dont feel as good this week about going i just dont feel as if anything has shifted! and the scales say i have put on ! i mean how can i off i am hoping it just my crappy scales! think i need to get hubby to hid them away from my obbesion with them atm! grrr! x
lol! although ive had really good losses so far-i have a horrible feeling that this week its all gunna come back and bite me on the bum-so i need to properly stick to my 19points a day!
how many points do you get? my weigh in day is thursday, so we shall see if my efforts have either counteracted all the points going over ive done, or i have lost-id be happy for a sts this week to be honest!
I've just dropped down to 24 points so its not like I'm going to starve or anything but I could eat 24 hours a day and NEVER feel full so its hard to put the brakes on at times. I can't remember the last time I felt like I couldnt eat another thing! I'm very much an emotional eater and its the first thing I reach for in times of trouble. I've lost weight several times before but I know that, this time, I need help to sort my urges out and to find another way to cope with life. Havent decided what to do about it yet though. For the timebeing, losing this damned weight is my priority - I feel like a woman of 90! Gotta do it and gotta do it NOW!!!!!! xxxx
my weigh in day is thursday, so we shall see if my efforts have either counteracted all the points going over ive done, or i have lost-id be happy for a sts this week to be honest!
Stay positive PinkPrincess! You never know till you know!!!! xxxx :D
''you never know til you know'' lol-that made me smile at least! well if we all stick 100% then im sure at the end of the 2weeks we will see some good results!
I could eat 24 hours a day and NEVER feel full so its hard to put the brakes on at times.
i know exactly what you talking about! im not always like that-but ive had my fair share of those days! i guess its a case of working out what foods satisfy you, and what foods dont. some people might bulk up their meal with a salad-but it wont fill them up, so will be pekish again an hour later, for others it will. i find i could eat savoury food especially cheesy carb combos (lol) all day long and not be full. but have more balanced food like small carb, salad, tuna etc and i feel full..........hmmm i feel like im rambling lol, but i know what i mean! been up half the night with my little girl shes poorly and been throwing up everywhere possible-poor lil thing!

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