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Why can't I do it!


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I'm so annoyed with myself did 6 days 100% on sw then fell off the wagon majorly yesterday and just kept binging on all the wrong kinds of things for the whole day. I'm feeling quite depressed now. I lost over 6 stone on the cambridge diet with no problem but since coming off it i've managed to go back up to 10 stone through messing around on various diets. Can anybody help me? I have a stone to lose then want to maintain for life. X x x
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You have come so far already - it must be hard for you to maintain motivation.
Is it a particular day or time of day that you feel more likely to cheat ? Mine is when I get home and have sorted the kids out - I am fine at work, but when they have had their tea and I start to relax, my mind begins to wander...


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When you feel tempted, remind yourself just how well you have done so far and how good you feel. Think of all the hard work you have done and how rewarding it has been. Remember what it was like when you were heavier and look at some of the photos - i keep a fat photo on the fridge! It doesn't always work, but quite often does.

You can do it and remember, 6 good days and one bad is so much better than 7 bad days.

Hope this helps and good luck - you are not on your own. xx


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Plan your meals. When you go shopping plan for the week. Then every evening write down what it is that you're going to have the next day. Write down each meal with the syns next to them, even your snacks and don't deviate from that menu.
Personally I don't have any treats in the house and then kids and OH have a treat at the weekend and buy just what they're going to eat then and there....nothing gets put in the fridge or cupboard.


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Get your 'fat pants' out and remind yourself where you've come from. If you keep binging you'll end up back in them and that's the last thing you want.

You have to get your head right and remind yourself how important it is for you to get to your target. It's ONLY a stone away. Look how close you are. Get pics out of yourself when you were bigger and give yourself a good talking to. You CAN do it!!

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