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Why do my boobies feel different?????


Hate it but doing it!
Hi ladies, (and gents if there are any around and can help me answer this question! :giggle: ).
3 stone down, woohoo, 2 more to go but my boobies aren't there normal full selves. Will they get their firmness back at all?
Ahhhhhhhh, i know it prob sounds really pathetic to some but they were the only thing on my body i was proud of and if i've lost them forever i will be a very unhappy bunny. I'm a curvy hourglass and without them i'll just be a heavy bummed moo. :cry:
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Resident geek
ive only lost 21 lbs so far.. (out of a lot more to lose).. and my boobs have already shrunk.. like.. almost two cup sizes.. it scares me.. lol..
but i think with excersise they will firm up.. ( i hope so anyways.. )

x x


Silver Member
But if the boobies are going the bum will definately be disappearing too! My wobbly bits feel different too, kinda soft and flobby.


longs to be average!
Sorry! Can't help on this one - as a fella, I'm only too pleased that my moobs (man boobs) are disappearing!!


Full Member
My boobies have shrunk :( and so's my arse :)!

I suppose we can never have exactly what we want!


Hate it but doing it!
Loving the word flooby, i'm going to try and use that in conversation at work!! Oh well, i'll have to keep with the scaffolding for the time being and avoid the braless boob tubes i used to love when i was a size 14 top half. Oh knackers.


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Mine have shrunk and they are going south...... I have promised myself a lift should I need one once all the weight is gone:)


Queen of the Damned
We used to call it jiggly puff - when your fat gets all jiggly and instead of being firm things get a tad puffy!! :eek: Used to be a sign of a good weight loss to come, and generally speaking things firm up again, honest! ;)
I've developed all sorts of things, I am particularly proud of my lower crease.... let me explain. When I first started losing I developed what I fondly referred to as upper bottom and lower bottom, ie as the fat went and the sag set it I kinda had two bottoms. This progressed and has now turned into one large bottom crease, it kinda defines where my bum stops and my legs begin and I thought it might be a handy place to keep pencils...... I've gone off at a tangent haven't I ... flooby boobies definately like deflated balloons!!



Hate it but doing it!
He he he, thanks DQ. I'll keep my fingers crossed they start to fill out when everything's settled down. You hear about the crappy side effects and obviously the weight loss but not the jiggly puff effect!!


Hate it but doing it!
Wow Porgeous, you look amazing!!!!


Queen of the Damned
oooh maybe I could write a paper on the Jiggly Puff Effect :giggle: :giggle:
Wow Porgeous, you look amazing!!!!

Thank you! But do remember underneath it all there are deflated balloons and bottom creases but it can all be magically supported and covered up!



Hate it but doing it!
Thinking about it jiggly puff sounds like some kind of light and fluffy biscuit! Hmm biscuits................!
im pretty sure jiggly puff is the name of one of the characters from the kids cartoon Pokemon! Lol my little brother used to like that programme when he was younger hence I know these things :D xx


Hate it but doing it!
You learn something new every day!! I love the fact we can have a giggle on here without sounding like complete plums!


Queen of the Damned
Now you know what plums are known as......

My boobs are definitely emptier than they were before - they've lost that lovely firmness they had but I suppose that's to be expected --- but even smaller they look so much better when they're in my bra than they did before I started! They've lost filling but have gained shape (but only when hoisted!)

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