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Why is it so hard to lose a stone?

:)Firstly Hi everyone,
im completely new to MiniMins!

has anyone else found it as difficult as me?
in the past year i have been unable to get past 9stone7

Im looking for some advise

i seem to struggle at weekends with fatty foods & have joined to get some motivation.

today i had two chocolate cookies for Breakfast :sigh: not great
& a jacket potatoe with beans & sprinkle of cheese & strawberries

I walk 1 hour 5 days a week & try to swim 2 days a week (is this enough?)

Any tips to keep cravings away would help as i feel the need to snack all the time.

Jade x
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Hi! Welcome to minimins :)

It sounds like your doing enough excercise, my dietition told me that you should do at least 30 mins of walking a day, so your doing more then that and I was also told to swim, so that's good too! :)
I'm also a snacker and get cravings, I just have lots of fruit and water in the fridge and try and snack on that instead and try not to have any sweet things in the house at all, or I'll just be thinking about it all day! lol I've also stuck little quotes all over the fridge, like 'a minute on the lips is a life time on the hips!' lol just to try and stop myself lol I started off at 17 stone 9, I cut out fizzy drinks and butter completley and lost the 9 pound but I got stuck at 17 stone for ages and it was driving me mad! So that's when I cut down on bread for a while and started the smaller portions and excercised alot more, I'm 16.8 now, still got a way to go but I know how you feel when your just stuck! I've started on some herbal slimming tea, it's supposed to burn 300 calories within an hour and half of drinking it, maybe you could try something like that just to help out :) I use Fei Yan Tea :) Hope I helped a little bit. Good Luck! :)


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the smaller or less you have to loose the harder it is , so dont worry lots of people suffer these problems.. you need to eat enough of the good calories and stick to lower fat (depends on your choice of diet) and exercise plays a part too.. remember if you exercise to up your calorie intake xx


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I am finding the last stone difficult too! I agree, weight loss is generally slower the smaller you are. I guess we just have to keep plugging away at it and rejoice even at the smallest of losses. We WILL get there!


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Are you following a particular diet? Maybe swap your sugar cravings for low sugar varieties eg biscuits for low fat cereal bars or even fruit and yogurt. Snack on mixed nuts throughout the day or even get a small tub of cherry tomatos or grapes to pick at. If you want chocolate, buy some fudge bars or curly wurleys and keep them in the freezer, they make great treats and take a while to eat so last longer!

Also, drink your water. Your cravings might be because your thirsty and your body thinks it needs food when infact it needs hydrating.

Last tip....drink a cup of green tea after every meal. It's meant to speed up your metabolism so you burn fat quicker! :)
Thanks Bella, i have just today decided on my diet im going to follow which is calorie counting as this suits me best!

i think my down fall may be water, must drink more off it

but today i have eaten quiet well, id say iv had 1200 calories so :) yey


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S: 15st4.5lb C: 14st2.5lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 34.1 Loss: 1st2lb(7.46%)
You're welcome. How have the last couple of days been? Xx

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I've not been dieting very long, but i really notice a difference in losses when im drinking lots of water, try to aim for 2litres+

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