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Its all the water honey! The water will make you bloated and of course weigh heavy when you weigh yourself! Your weight changes throughout the day every day so don't worry about that at all! If you do weigh yourself at home, always do it first thing in the morning before you've began to drink your litres of water, lol. If you've stuck to the diet you can't fail to lose :D xx


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the only other thing to add is 'have you been'? as that may make you feel bloated...


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It will pass. Like others say either water, bowel or maybe TOTM? But they all pass. Last week I weighed every day and was seeing practically no budge in the scales and up a lb one day then day 5 was down 2lbs and then by the weigh in on day 7 I had 4lbs!!! So moral of the story - Dont weigh till official weigh in!


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Yep! Sneaky weigh ins are fine when you see losses but when there is no change or worse an increase it is soul destroying!!! But I am not as bad as I used to be.....I used to be hopping on and off the scales 50 times a day!!!!


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Our scales are hidden away in our house - as i swear if i had one bad day where it showed nothing that would be it for me! xx
I made a conscious effort at the beginning not to weigh myself at home as I know that weight varies throughout the day. I have total faith in the plan and know that if I follow the rules the weight will come off. Some weeks will be more than others. I have lost 1lb this week but I have lost a total of 2st 9ls in 9 weeks. How or where else would I have had that result.
I aim to remain positive and focussed.
I know you shouldnt but I weigh myself every night before I go to bed, I usually stay the same or have a small loss. This is my 6 th week on LT and 3 times during this time scale I have weighed myself and the scales say I have gained a couple of pounds but trust me because it is gone within a couple of days with extra weight off too. It must be water or something and thats why they say only to get weighed once a week. (I still weigh myself everyday though, just no self control ha ha) xx
I weigh myself every morning and have only seen a slight difference but still have a loss every week.

The first week though - it seemed as though I was losing a 1lb a day - of course that had to slow down!

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