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Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by Busybee, 28 September 2009 Social URL.

  1. Busybee

    Busybee Silver Member

    so excited tonight, my second weightloss evening and I lost another 3.5lbs. I could have kissed mu WWleader. However I know week 3 can be tough, I am not sitting back on mu laurels, I ma pushing on and set my challenge for the week - 3,000 steps per day from tomorrow, it is going to be hard as my job is busy but not much walking involved so must get out at lunch for1/2 an hour to walk the walk. Good luck to everyone this week, virtual hugs to all:D:D
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  3. RecoveringChocaholic

    RecoveringChocaholic I'm going to be slim

    Well done you are doing great
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  4. coffee queen

    coffee queen Full Member

    Keep up the good work you are doing great.
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  5. mrsm2007

    mrsm2007 Gold Member

    3.5lbs is brilliant welldone you and good luck with the steps :)
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  6. smilerjen

    smilerjen Has the power of the horn

    well done, youre doing so well!!! hope week 3 is great!
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  7. Gemma1986

    Gemma1986 Im just me!

    brilliant stuff
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  8. Busybee

    Busybee Silver Member

    thank you for your support, I must admit I am really enjoying this change of lifestyle. On the CD it was hard to stay focused around people that are eating where as I know if someone in the office eats I can snack with them on my fruit......and none of the guilt :D
  9. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    Well done!:happy096:

    Love Mini xxx
  10. *Saski*

    *Saski* Up for the challenge

    Well done on your weight loss to date. Good luck with week 3 and your steps. :) xx
  11. lucysmommy

    lucysmommy Gold Member

    wow amaxing loss

    well done and extra good luck for next week, not that you are needing it tho lol


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