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wii active anyone?

hi there
has anyone else got this?

my hubby got it me yesterday as a pressie - i've just done my 2nd session with my personal trainer, im doing the 30 day challenge so will be interesting to see if it makes a difference.

it seems quite good as it was different today so i didn't get bored!

daisy x
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I was looking at getting one of those. Do you use the wii fit board with it? I have the Wii fit...is it very different Daisy? I mean does it record your weight and stuff??


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I was going to pre order some months ago but something put me off. I think it was that it had received terrible reviews on the US Amazon site about the leg strap and picking up the movement of the nunchuck. I decided I'd wait until it had been out a while and they improved the problem.

How is it for you??
yes the board is used for some activities - but you can do them without one.

i haven't really had chance to look at it in detail - im not sure if it does the weight, i have the wii fit too so can do it there anyway.

the leg strap seems ok - its a bit slow at times but i think thats when i am not holding the nunchuck the right way round.

i do like the fact that it is different each day as i get bored with the same things. i love the step on the wii fit, but its just too easy - i'm hoping there is something similar on here

does anyone know if there is a step game for the wii?

daisy x

i will update after 30 days, see if i have toned up at all.
I've looked at these a couple of times, but aws waiting for someone else to be the guinea pig, thanks Daisy. :)
What's the 30 day challenge?
Look forward to hearing how it goes,
Oooh i have been looking at one of those too. I have heard mixed reports though. Is it similar to the wii fit game? x
thers a step game on the wii fit board daisy, I use the one where you can watch tv at the same time and the instructions come out of the handset! two birds one stone and all that lol x
thers a step game on the wii fit board daisy, I use the one where you can watch tv at the same time and the instructions come out of the handset! two birds one stone and all that lol x
i did that for a few weeks when i was given my LL pedometer - must start again.
I like the one with music and clapping, but its just sooo easy - i think they should bring out a disc which is just step.

the 30 day challenge is a personal trainer session which lasts for 30 days! the first day i did 20 mins and burnt about 80 cals and yesterday i did 35 and burnt 135.

i need to up the intensity so i'm burning more calories, but i don't mind starting slow while i get used to the band and the leg attachment thingy.

daisy x
yes, i know what you mean, it is very simple and easy isnt it, e-mail nintendo with your suggestion for a step game lol. x
i might just do that!
sounds very interesting! My husband would love for me to suggest that we need to get a Wii LOL

Could you up the intenstity of the music/clapping one by holding weights or getting those weights you strap to your ankles and wrists?
i suppose so, but the music would probably drive you loopy if you did for more than a few mins!
I love my wii fit- Daisy the more time you clock up the more options you get. There is a 2nd slightly longer/complex step routine(still quite easy) and maybe a 3rd? how are you at the balancing games? I am absolutely useless lol. but I have managed to get my wii fit age down to 31(14 years younger than real age)pity I dont look it!
i don't think there is a 3rd - i unlocked the 2nd over a year ago. likewise with the boxing, which i like.

the balance ones are ok - but i keep falling off the high wire!

my last wii fit age was 23 i think - which is 17 years younger!

daisy x
I've started using it too....as I found Wii fit too easy. I signed up for the 30 day challenge at high intensity. Even for me who is a regular gym person and who can run 11 miles it was quite tough going. It's good that it's something different each day....every little helps x


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I only got the wii fit recently and still need to get into the habit of regularly using it. I have got really good at the ski jump though!

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