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Wii EA Sports Active, 30 day challenge

I've just got my EASA on the wii and today completed day 2 of the 30day challenge. I've started on low intensity (thinking next time I go through the challenge I'll do medium then high) I've enjoyed what I've found so far.
Recovering from a viral infection that really knocked me off my feet last week its proving so far to be a great motivator.

So I wondered if anyone else is doing the challenge, what day are you on? How are you doing?

I'm recommending the EA Sports Active to everyone I speak to.
I was going to wait until the new year to start the challenge but getting started means I dont make excuses.

look forward to hearing from anyone else
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Mad old Bat with Attitude
I've managed it 3 times (easy/ med/hard) and my shape has changed totally. I've now moved on to the "more workouts" which has refreshed my enthusiasm, and after fannying around for 2 weeks I shall start the 60 day challenge on medium later today.
The thing I do like is that on the preset workouts is a step routine that you can use with either nothing a real step or the balance board. It's a shame it's the routine repeated 3 times but it's far harder than the freestep on wiifit.

Right I've done Day 1 on medium. Cue paramedics! There was quite a bit of cardio in it. 30 mins 147 cals thankyou very much. (and my abs hurt!)
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Rest day yesterday, day 4/30 today but wont do workout til later as i've got a busy day and school concert aswel, looking forward to it though. just hope there arent too many alternating jump lunges, think thats my most dreaded exercise so far!
I like the baseball and the dancing (but i've zero co-ordination so it must be quite amusing to watch) think the boxing is great fun.
Done todays challenge and feel good, but didnt feel I was pushed very hard to be honest, not sure if its the band or that going on the medium intensity would be a better idea, but I did want to stick to low for the first 30day challenge. Will combine tomorrows challenge with a harder pre-made workout (she says.....)
Competed workout 4/20 this morning, on day 5/30 day challenge. Did ok, 16.27minutes, 80.7cal. Under the predicted calories that should be burned. She tried to murder me by doing jump squats and jump lunges, they are by far my worst activity.

Scales were kind to me this morning though so that can only be a good thing.


Gonna do it this time

I'm wondering if I can join you. I've been faffing around with my exercise since starting my diet on 8th October and haven't really done any at all other than the odd walk. I bought the EA Challenge when it first came out and have done it maybe twice so am hoping than now I've lost almost 2 stone I will feel better about doing it.

Hope its ok to join in. I'll start the 30 day challenge on low intensity this evening.




Mad old Bat with Attitude
Welcome aboard Mhairi!

I did day 3 and for the first time didn't make my projected cals. 128. But I did the cardio boxing on the wii board and it didn't register for half of it.
The reverse crunches KILL. So when you've had enough of the original game I can thoroughly recommend the new version. I look better on this version too :p
Sweetheart, I would get a blue band, you can get them cheaply on ebay

Resistance exercise band 1.5 metre ANY STRENGTH! on eBay (end time 04-Jan-10 15:06:28 GMT)
Hi all,

I'd like to join too.

I have attempted to complete the 30 day challenge 3 x but never do as I always run out of days.

I started again a few weeks ago and am on workout 5 I think but will not finish within 30 days as I sometimes do Cardio workout instead (great boxing game if you like that kind of thing, really gets you sweating)

I attempted the marathon circuit the other day, now thats a killer! I could only complete 21/36 exercises!

Hopefully having somwehere to discuss the game will encourage me to use it.

TB x
Morning all, sorry I've been AWOL last few days, brilliant to see some more people joining in.
Did day 7/30 (workout 5/20) on sunday, 68.2cal in 15.27mins (once again under the projected cals burned)
Day 8/30 (workout 6/20) went better 83.7cal in 16.45mins. Really enjoyed the workout although my lampshade is now dented from the basketball section lol

I got my 100 squat trophy yesterday, I love motivators like that.
Got a rest day from the challenge today but will pick a workout to complete to keep me happy, I feel cheated if I dont get on it (doesnt that sound sad)

Judi, thanks for the band info, think I will get one, better resistance can only be a good thing.

Was doing yesterdays challenge when my mum came over, didnt stop but maybe I'll convert her to using it.

have a great day everyone
I completed a workout yesterday, think it was 5/20 but I started weeks ago so my 30 day challenge will expire soon.

I think I burned 180 calories but it didn't feel like a workout so I then done 20 mines of My Fitness Coach Cardio and burned around another 150 calories.

I too got my 100 squat trophy, it's felt like ages since I got any :).
Morning all, geez it's cold outside!!

Day 9/30 was a rest day.

Day 10/30 (workout 7/20) was ok, 83.1cal in 17.20mins

Day 11/30 (workout 8/30) lots of reps with bicep curls and raises. But did do it on medium intensity. 114.7cal, 25.40mins. Felt much more satisfied that I'd worked harder.

judi, I've ordered the Blue resistance band, I'll let you know how I get on with it when it come.
I got this programme yesterday and I did day one today. I am really really unfit and carrying a lot of extra weight, need to lose 6 + stone. I am doing the 30 day challenge. I have it set to low intensity.

I have completed day one today and burned 167 calories. The only bit I struggle with is the squats, i don't seem to be able to go low enough. Combination of a bad knee and fat belly getting in the way!!
Just read back through this thread and noticed someone mentioned a step program on the wii active. What is it called because I just went through the presets on mine and I don't have one called stepping


Gonna do it this time

Have said last week I was going to start I didn't. The whole family has been struck down with some gastric bug and I've done nothing. So day one for me today. I've moved the Wii into the conservatory because I've got squeeky floor boards in the living room and it drives me mad, just reminds me how heavy I am to be honest.

Sorry not been around diet also went out the window for a week but I still lost a pound so not too bad.

Speak soon after I've done day one.



Mad old Bat with Attitude
Hi Sharon, that was me. It's on the new SA More Workouts dvd not the original. That's why I'm on the 60 day challenge not the 30.

Day 6 today for 138 cals plus 10 mins fast step for 86.

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