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WII Fit Plus


Why Be Normal?
Hi Sue (in Spain) and Sweetheart,

I bought the Wii Fit Plus game yesterday to go with all the Wii Fit stuff I gave the kids for Christmas last year. I have never used the Wii Fit, but I heard such good things about the Wii Fit Plus I thought I should give it go. :innocent0001:
This time of year it gets dark so early in the UK, :raincloud: I hate going out at night for a class and there aren't any available before I have to be work. This might be just the thing... I hope so. :character00115:
I'll let you know what I think -- keep me posted on your progress, too.
Sue, we just got back from a holiday on the Costa del Sol... I can understand why you love living there. :character00238:


Loves living in the sun
Hi Minniemel

Wii Fit Plus and Wii Active are both very good, I'm doing one of them everyday now.

Love living here, was at the beach earlier, needed a chill out couple of hours, it was about 25 with a bit of a breeze, but shorts and t-shirt weather.
I've been using my Wii Fit Plus for 9 days now and I love it!! I make sure I do at least 30 mins of exercise a day and I love that it keeps track of my weight, BMI and when I exercised.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone. It's cheaper and easier than joining a gym or exercise class. It is a tad expensive, but you only pay that once and if you use it everyday, then it is worth the money. :)


Why Be Normal?
Hi Sue,

Wii Fit Plus and Wii Active are both very good, I'm doing one of them everyday now.

Okay, I am going to get off the computer (and my big bum) and try to figure out the Wii Fit Plus and use it. :character00116: Is the Wii Active different computer software?

Love living here, was at the beach earlier, needed a chill out couple of hours, it was about 25 with a bit of a breeze, but shorts and t-shirt weather.

I am so jealous... I had to break out my heavy coat last night to go and watch the bonfire and fireworks. My daughter wore a hat, scarf and gloves! :23:



Loves living in the sun
Hi Minniemel

The Wii Active is different from Wii Fit, it uses the nunchuck more, a leg strap and stretch band which comes from it.

A lot more energetic than Wii Fit plus so I do one, one day and the other the next day.

Must admit don't miss the cold, still in shorts and t-shirt at 20.11!



Why Be Normal?
Hey Sue,

So the Active is another Game sort of thing? I'll Google it and see if I can order one. I've not seen it in the shops. Does your partner do the Wii Fit with you? I am trying to talk my husband into a little competition or at least moral support. He seems to be game.




Loves living in the sun
Hi Minniemel

Wii Active you can get at Amazon or Play.com both competitively priced.

No OH doesn't do the WII exercises, he's only 9 stone 8 and as he eats what I do (mostly, apart from the packets of biscuits) I don't want him to waste away, but he's very supportive when I'm doing it and keeps my water topped up.

We're both going to join the gym in January me to loose weight him to build up so will be good doing some exercise together.
Thanks Sue,

I'll do a little internet shopping before I turn in. Wow, only 9 st 8... he must have to jump around in the shower to get wet! lol

Got my Wii Fit Plus on saturday and I'm impressed with how many extras it has with it. I like the pre-programmed routines but I've yet to have a really good explore through it all.
My 3 year old loves the Obstacal course lol.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Hi Minnieme! There is a new Active coming out in the next couple of weeks so I'd go for that one. I've totally changed my shape with mine. You'll probably need a blue resistance band as the red one that comes with it doesn't do much, but you can get one very cheaply from ebay.
If you do get it, prepare to sweat! (and ache!)
Thanks Judimac,

I guess I know what I'm getting for Christmas... in shape (I hope)!

Morning everyone.
Been using my Wii Fit Plus and finding it great motivation when using the calorie goal, the Routines have been going well for me, chosing a set time and letting the wii pick the routines for me works well as I cant pass up on the exercises I dont like.
Kids are having fun with the training plus activities, although my 8yo's rhythm has alot to be desired for lol

Hope everyone else is getting on well with it,


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I got this in Asda today and spent half an hour exploring it. I found out I'm rubbish at cycling! No co-ordination on the marching and I'm wonderful at swinging my hips!

I see they make raisers so your board is the height of a step. Has anyone got them?

Quick update! I have spent 45mins doing various forms of exercise on this today. I beat the trainer TWICE on the plank (but it was on easy!). I love popping balloons on the seg thingy and I'm quite good at juggling. It reckons I've used 150 cals and I've just had fun! I think I'll use it when I don't feel like a hard session.
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sounds like you had fun then Judi.
I saw it in asda on sunday, think it was the cheapest I've seen it.

I like the Routines, did another 10min one this morning, going to up the time tomorrow. I think the wii fit (and fit plus) and good for the days you cant (or dont) want to go out or like Judi wrote just want something a little more fun.

Working off 1 slice of bread has become a daily challenge.

What's bread? I do not think I have experienced this is so long, I have forgotten. lol

I am thinking of buying the Wii fit plus tomorrow. I see most of you say it is fun, but what I was wondering is how much difference does it make. Do you think it is helping with your weight lose and losing inches?
My dad and I got a Wii this week, its ace fun! We have a Wii Fit Board thing, but we're not allowed that til Christmas, the whole thing was meant to be for Christmas... hehe
Im so looking forward to it though....!!!!
I think any extra moving about is good for weightloss, definitely!


Loves living in the sun
Personally I find the WII Active is losing inches. But now I have the Wii Fit Plus I do one day of Active the next of WII Fit Plus doing the steps and hoola-hooping. I am definately loosing inches, shame the weight is staying the same though!

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