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Wii fit!!


Striving for slimness
Anyone else bought it?


This morning I weighed myself on it and it logged my BMI, then it allowed me to set a target weight loss for 1 months time, then I was doing jogging, hoola hooping, ski jumping, yoga and tighrope walking!!

It's going to track my progress and weight over the month until I set a new goal!! My god this is the most fantastic game ever for anyone dieting! I know I'm going to have no problems doing exercise no cos its really really fun! :)
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Happily pro pointing!
I was looking at this last week and wasn't sure about it, it is quite a lot and some reviews were saying it was rubbish.
I thought the idea sounded good and was going to ask for it for my birthday but didn't want it to be something that I got and it never got used. We play on the wii every day and all enjoy it so I think it would get used a lot if it was good fun.
We use the wii sports quite a lot (well we did until mario karts came out, LOL)
Hey Donn and Ali, don't even get me started! I have been waiting for it to come out for a long time now! I hope my Hubby will get it for me for my Birthday next month! That is what I really want and can't wait until i do get it!

Donna glad you had fun with it. :) :)


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I ordered one this morning from Tesco - they had a deal on, and I also had a money off voucher they had given me last time I went in the store. I will pick it up tomorrow afternoon - it looks excellent fun!

If anybody does want to order one - Tesco seemed to be the cheapest at about £64.99 (not sure if they have them in store at the same price) - You can also get 7% cashback by going through a cashback site such as quidco.


I'm going to be slim
Picked mine up at lunch time can't wait to get home & try it :D
have been trying to get it everywhere with no luck :( in true Nintendo style!!
Argos had some this morning in both branches we went in, and so did Sainsbury's who were selling it for £64 something. I hope you find one!


longs to be average!
I asked my OH for one today, was told I can have it for Christmas - I said *&$! that! So will pick one up some point next week I'm sure probably on pay day!!!

However, just cut and pasted DonnaLou's comments into an email and sent that one - if I get one brought for me now, will have to take DL out for a bevvy!


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:bliss:Corey, what with all the time you (so-called) public "servants" seem to have off, I reckon it would be a great investment!:bliss:
hmmm see I held off from getting a Wii but am def even more tempted now that the sport is out.... can see the shopping trip coming on.
Does the Wii fit come as a full kit on its own or do you have to buy the normal Wii first and this is an add on?:confused:


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Lemma, it is a software and hardware kit that adds on to the Wii games system.

The Wii itself costs £180 so is a lot of money - but is cheaper than the competitors. It is, however, really different to all the other systems in that it is designedf for people taht are not traditional computer game players - It is such a lot of fun. The basic Wii comes with Wii Sports - that has golf, baseball, bowling, boxing, tennis etc. and is just brilliant.


Happily pro pointing!
The best thing we have found about the wii is that everyone can compete on the same level. My daughter 4, us, my parents and even my nan (85) can play it.
My daughter beat her 2 cousins aged 14 and 15 on the bowling (actually, in her words, she thrashed their pants right off), they were gutted as they live on their wii, LOL.
We resisted for a while, but got one in Feb and it is probably one of the best gadgets we have ever bought (and certainly have a few!). Our poor PS2 has now been pushed into a dusty corner.
Would definitely recommend a Wii if you have the dosh.

Have just told DH I want wii fit for my birthday which is just a month a way, so keeping my fingers crossed now :D
Hi all, I've just been playing on our newly purchased one. This is amazing, I would recommend it to anyone. I can't believe how well it works, I was so sceptical. Have fun!!


Striving for slimness
It really is fab like, how it weighs you and its like your own personal trainer, BMI checker. Although it gave me a wii fit age of 35! and I'm really 21!! Will be working on fixing that though. The jogging is brillaint like, you put your wii remote in your pocket and jog on the spot and your little character goes for a jog around a little world. It's brilliant! Corey good luck with convincing your OH! Just say it's for diet and health purposes lol
Got mine today too, its great! Me and my boyfriend were cracking up, especially with the hoola hoop game and the aerobics class, it was hilarious!

But you really do feel like your working out, its great!
Well I got my wii fit home last night & I haven't laughed that much for ages the step classes are great I can't hoola on the wii or with a hoola hoop my balance is shot and today I ache everwhere my wii age is 55 my real age is 47 so I've got to play some more but I can recommend it
I hope I can get one today, if so then it's mine :D

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