Will exercise speed up the loss


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Hiya all

I am a newbie to this site bt not to VLCD. I am very worried that i will have sagging skin later. So i am told exercise is good even though i hate it. Low impact exercise was suggested which isnt too tiring but effective. I dont know how true this is. I have had a gym membership for over 4 yrs, attending a dozen times.

So i would like to know:

1- Will exercise speed up my weight loss?
2- What kind of exercise should i do that doesnt trigger the need to eat? I remember coming from the gym and eating for england after i return home.
3- Will exercise help if my skin sag?

Thank you so much in advance.

PS. Not sure if i posted in the right place. Apologies to mods if i didnt.
Hi desperate2lose,

I have ten stone to lose and I have lost five already...

My skin is in very good condition and this could be put down to several factors.

Genetics being one.

Dry brushing.

I have moisturized and massaged my skin daily.

I do light stretch and free weights.

Try to fit in walking when I can...I swear by the walking.

I did the gym again this year, like you a membership not used or hardly every used, if ever, so after the five stone weight loss I went again and got so carried away with my improvement I over did it and ended up with a very bad cold come flu that floored me and I do put it down to over doing the gym and showing off:(

When you start a vlcd you can continue with the same exercise you are doing...

If you have not exercised in a long time then it is advisable to check this out with your doctor and see what he says.

If you are new again to exercise it is best to leave it until you get into the diet.

Exercising won't make much of a difference to your weight loss.

Exercise will help tone your body.

Drinking water is the main thing as this keeps the skin in good conditon and anyone that I have seen who has done a vlcd and followed the rules do look very well and much younger when they have lost the weight.

As requested by you we have a photo gallery up and our Team have to get use to how it works and as they are very quick learners it should be all go by tomorrow for members to start putting up their photos on.

Isobel1965 has photos on her diary thread and so has Mintimperial on his...not sure where the rest are.

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I do "toning" excercises every morning - very very basic one's and I use a dynaband from LL incorporated into them.

I also have a shower each morning and exfoliate using a salt based scrub (although just using salt on the skin mixed with normal shower gel does just as well. I then moisturise when I get out (something I never did before).

Each evening I dry brush as well - it involves using a "body brush" (you can get them from Boots) and brushing the skin upwards in long strokes.

I am mega paranoid about my skin not going back, and can already see loose skin on the top of my legs which is freaking me out.

The whole routine takes about 10-15 minutes each day (ten in the morning and five in the evening).

I am going to start repeating my toning exercises before I go to bed at night as well.
"Exercise" was a dirty word to me B4!

Hi I've just copied and pasted this from another thread I was on - hope it's working ok and all the best'o'luck'n'stuff to you! ;)

I hated the thought of doing any "exercise" when I was 16st 7lbs! I really was a "couch potato." Now though, that's all different - I skip in the garden (using my grandaughters skipping ropes), I do 100 skips as fast as I can then sit outside for a couple of minutes or go indoors and carry on with the daily grind, then go back to skipping another 100 skips ...... and do this until I get fed up - I love the buzz it gives me and it gets my heart rate up! I've filled up two 1ltr orange squash bottles with water and I use them as weights to do some arm exercises and I've been using Slendertone bicep/tricep belt and abs belt too!

I've also started the 10 week running programme set out in the latest issue of Slimming World magazine (building up to a 5k run) - I'm on week 6 and it's getting tough ......... but once I complete the day's planned activity it's really envigorating!

I've really surprised myself at how good I feel after the exercise - it really is a new way of life for me now!

I'm afraid I haven't really noticed a difference in the weight losses but I honestly wish I'd had the nerve to go out there and try the running and skipping much earlier on in my weightloss journey, I could have been so much fitter by now if I had, and I might not have had so much loose skin to contend with? I'll keep it up though and get myself fitter and more toned from here on in! ;)
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