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Getting her sparkle back
I know this is probably too much information, but I am hoping i'm not the only one suffering from way too much wind/gas!!

For the past few days I have been constantly burping, and 'releasing wind'. I feel like i'm full of air! Am I the only one experiencing this? I've also been getting quite painful stomach cramps every now and again.

Any hints or tips to stop this issue?! :eek:
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I will do this!!!
Could you be constipated?
Hi Hanmac , Just completed my first week but last night had a few wafer thin slices of ham (have been told that was ok on CD in past so presume still ok with Exante?) but it creased me with wind which I could kind of feel moving from my stomach and through my intestine!!! (sorry too much info but you did ask!) I think it must be the huge change to eating habits that 'freaks out' your system.
Good luck xx


Getting her sparkle back
I took a couple of ducolax the other night as I thought it might 'help' as thought I might be constipated as well, but it doesn't seem to have helped!
I've been on the diet for over 3 weeks now so thought my body would have adjusted by now :(
Yeah, the constipation thing is a nightmare on vlcd isn't it? I really have to force myself (and remember) to drink plenty of water cos that makes such a difference, but when you stop 'eating' sometimes the last thing you want is cold water :(


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I get really bad windy problems too.. and i take dulcolax once a week on this diet as my whole system just grinds to a halt. Not much fun but it isn't painful or anything for me so i just put up with it as i like losing the weight. Maybe going to WS rather than TS might help a little? It was my plan to shift to WS if my body really can't cope or if i have enough of the side effects.


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Me too, almost sh#t myself yesterday, had to run (literally) to the loo with my bum cheeks firmly clenched lol :D


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It's funny now, it wasn't at the time and I haven't messed myself since I was potty training and I think my kids would have been mortified!! lol :D
Im the same with the windy biz and the toilet troubles. 1st week im usually looser than a hookers knickers! After that i get bunged up and the wind starts. Willing to put up with this to shift the weight though.


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lol, but not at the bunged up bit!!

I get the tummy gurgling at me after I have a bar and occasionally a shake, then I burp and it's all good :D
The burps arnt always good for me though. Have acid reflux so if i chug a shake im not keen on just to get it down it makes it worse. The return trips usually pretty nasty!


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Yeah, I suffer with that too, are we able to use Remigel or Gaviscon?


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Good idea, I get free prescriptions :D
Hi, thanks for that. I was always only going to do TS for a week to kick start me into this, and then onto WS, so today I can have some food - HOORAY!!!! - just not sure what's best to have. Any suggestions????


Wannabe Mankini Model
Nah, I'm always being told I'm full of sh#t. So it's about time it came out lol :D
Lol, thank god I am not alone in this!

Had some embarrassing incidents in Sainsburys earlier this week where I couldnt walk for squeaking.

Seriously tho, is this something we will have to live with for as long as we are on the packs?!

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