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Wk 19 WI

This is week 19 and I have lost another 3lb,so that stands me at 13st 6 which is a bargain:D
I think I have finally got a goal now which I believe to be 11st 7lb, now I know what some of you are thinking:eek: but I think I have some lumps to move around my middle and I am not convinced its excess skin. Anyhow if I stop short of that then I will consider it a bonus.
Well my reckoning, if I lost 3lb a week for the duration it should take 9 weeks so the odd 4 and 5lb thrown in would be nice. Im clutching at straws I know but I have been on this for a while now and quite frankly im sick to the back teeth of it. Sorry to be a bit negative:eek:
Anyway have a great week with your WI's and I wish you all well and take care;)
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clutching at straws my arse! gaz just reread your post, YOUVE LOST 7 STONE! Thats real and the fact that youve been so committed for 19 weeks is bloody amazing, your an inspiration to us all, sometimes we forget how far weve come (says me whose only lost about 1 stone!), this must have changed your life and you should be sooooo proud of yourself for where you are now cos mate there cant be many people out there that can do this. jxxx


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chin up gaz
your nearly there pet, only another little while,youve well past the half mark,so happy days,
i understand that your getting frustrated,but think of your goal(which you have now )it will be fantastic,and all the wonderfull things you can eat and drink:p

gray skies are gonna clear up,put on a happy face:D

stick with it hon xjx

Yummy Mummy in the making

TRYING to be patient!!
nice one thinners :D you've done absolutely amazing! not surprising after 19 wks you're feeling a bit fed up but if anyone can finish this up you can!! xxx


soon to be minnie mouse
well done to you, 7st off is amazing. youre just forgetting how far you've come, give yourself a pat on the back and keep your SINGLE chin up haha


soon to be minnie mouse
this LT must be doing me some good then if i can crack a funny at this time of day eh yummy mummy. feeling good today cos i've lost some more weight according to my new wii fit friend.
lol yeh early on a sunday mornin too! ;) ive heard alot about those wii fits, good are they? well done for more weight loss!


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Gaz mate - congrats on your WI... you are a total inspiration to me & I mean that absolutely from the heart (& not in a gay way).

Everytime I get the occasional sneaking thought about 'it won't matter if....' or 'I can always restart next week'... I look at your weekly WI stats & they re-affirm why I'm doing this...

Keep on keeping on mate :D


soon to be minnie mouse
lol yeh early on a sunday mornin too! ;) ive heard alot about those wii fits, good are they? well done for more weight loss!
yea having a great laugh doing excercises now i never thought i would be saying that. lots of different activities on it, some serious (yoga) some fun (hulahoop).


Says it as it is!!!
Well done my little ball of filth lol even less of you to spread around now...how are we going to survive xx
Fab weight loss xx:D


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started @ 20 stone and a bit (BMI 44.5) extremely obese:(

wk1 -11 19.3
wk2 -6 18.11
wk3 -7 18.4
wk4 -5 17.13 (BMI 39) obese:eek:
wk5 -6 17.7
wk6 -5 17.2
wk7 -4 16.12
wk8 -5 16.7
wk9 -3 16.4
wk10 -4 16.0
wk11 -3 15.11
wk12 -5 15.6 (double figures in kg's):D
wk13 -5 15.1
wk14 -3 14.12
wk15 -5 14.7 (15 st for my birthday 13th April):D
wk16 -4 14.3(out of the 200lb's bracket):D
wk17 -3 14.0
wk18 -5 13.9 (BMI 29.9) overweight;)
wk19 -3 13.6

Well done:happy096:


fightin the fat !
Gaz your a true inspiration..your pics were one of the ones that made me run to the chemist to get LT.. the battle is nearly over .. but youve already won anyway... well done on this weeks loss xx
Gaz fair [email protected] to you!!Listen I think you've done enough I think a couple of pork pies, pork scrathins and a case of brew is in order .I am of course not at all jealous but as a friend would like you to enjoy the finer things in life. So eat all you want (rubs her hands together and cackles). Oh Garry you'll be fine another couple of weeks should do it!! Crank up the exercise and get it off in double time!!! Loads of hand action should do it!
hiya, wow wow wow another 3lbs thats fab. I cant imagine you been a bit sick of it by now, keep going though your nearly there. there really is no stopping you now :)

well done

becky x


weighs a lot less
well done hun,im glad you have finally set yourself a goal,i know it seems neverending but you (and me ) are very nearly there and you have every right to be negative sometimes ,not today though hun another 3lbs thats fab,hugs and kisses lil x