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Wobble Watch - my diary

This is my first diary entry but far from my first day dieting. I've had issues with my weight since I was 12. I remember wearing football type shorts, my "boyfriend" at the time jokingly tugged at them, sniggered and said something along the lines of 'fat legs'. Pointless immaturity, but it hurt, and it stuck.
I've been through phases of purposely not eating, binge eating, attempting (mostly failing) to induce sickness, this diet, that diet, crazy fad diet. Then I fell pregnant and was never full. I ballooned. My self confidence was shot after a certain dispute with my partner, and I've not been able to puck myself up since. Our little one is 2, and I'm still battling the bulge, the wobbly mummy tummy, trunks for legs, many chins... could go on.
My relationship is suffering due to my body hang ups. I cringe when I'm touched, as rather than enjoying intimacy im thinking how disgusting I am. I know its a mindset, I'm aware of that, but short of labotomy nothing will change that easily.
Basically down in the dumps, losing motivation, and very very alone in my world of problems.
So here I go, Day...well, I guess it'd be day 4382(ish) from the say ut began- but for arguments sake, let's call it day 1.
10st 6lbs, 5'4.
In it to lose it.
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G: 10st7lb
Hello and welcome aboard. I can relate to all you say, especially the body hang ups..thanks goodness for 'lights off' syndrome :)

I've yo yo'ed and fell off the wagon countless times for too many years1

are you presently 10st 6, or do you want to be that weight?
I'm aiming for 10st 7...a LONG way to go :)

I look forward to chatting with you.
Hi rainbowrose, nice to see someone can relate- sometimes the hardest thing is having nobody that understands my issues, the other half doesn't quite "get it" despite the tears and tantrums I've had trying to explain...!
10.6 is current, I was 11.6 a couple of months ago, but have invested in an exercise bike and have taken the little one and her buggy out a LOT lately. The weight has hit a standstill though, need some push! I was between 8.10 and 9st pre-pregnancy- this is my target. X


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G: 10st7lb
Exercise bike and walking are my only form of exercise!!!! :)..and its working :)

Good luck, you are doing the right things, just sensible eating choices and correct portion size and you'll be pre-pregnancy weight in no time :)
Note: don't you just LOVE when you're in the middle of watching something, then a person who wasn't even watching tv as iPhones are far more entertaining, flicks it over to F.R.I.E.N.D.S cos THAT'S never repeated. F's sake!
Day 2 went... well, crap really. I'm off work at the moment on holiday, so have more chance to nibble n pick, mostly from boredom. Dinner was washed down with a Twirl, although did decline the jam pudding the OH picked up from the shop, and had a 200cal tea instead while they had chips + whatever. So fail, but not mega fail?
The weather has gone naff = no walks, and OH is off work today, and I hate using the bike when he's home "/ doing pretty rubbish to be honest! Need to set myself a weigh in day, although I tend to do it every day. Took a photo of this vile body today, shud stick it on the fridge for motivation!


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G: 10st7lb

definately stick it on the fridge! :)

I've taken some before photos, they are truly horrible..but one day i'll have the after photos in pride of place. In the past, i've pinned up photos from newspapers and magazines for inspiration..and motivation!

Well done on refusing the jam pudding ;)

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