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Worried about Christmas...

I don't know what to do!!

I have 100% stuck to SS in the 4weeks I have now been doing it, and am thrilled with my weight loss so far, but I am getting worried about what to do for Christmas.

I'm on call on Christmas day, so can't drink alcohol. It's just me & fiance at home, our families are in France & Scotland respectively, and we're not doing presents this year as we are completely skint saving for our wedding.

If I sit there with yet another soup, I am worried it will just be another day, and it'll be pants for my poor fiance too. Especially as he's a keen chef & there's nothing he likes to do better than a roast.

So, anyways, I'm planning on eating on Christmas day, and am also going to have a 790 type meal on 15th December at our works Christmas do. So, damage limitation, how should I reintroduce food???

Should I do AAM week before works do, then 790 till christmas day, then back to SS?

Help! I don't want to put my weight back on, but I do want some sort of Christmas!! :wave_cry:
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Glad it's not just me.:rolleyes:

I do feel a bit guilty for wanting to eat on Christmas day, afterall not a morsel of anything solid has passed my lips in 4 weeks now. I'd rather be prepared & work on damage limitation, than getting upset and pissed off and binging all over the Christmas period, ending up putting everything back on, and not being able to get back into SS.

Especially as there are plenty of stories from last years slimmers who are still trying to get back into SS now. :(

I think if you are going to eat on xmas day try not to have carbs if u do then very little also on the night out. for 2 days should be ok just remember the next day to fill up on the water and be good, good luck hun x


please try again
im planning on having a "meal" on christmas day im only having some chicken ( not cooking turkey for me and a small child ) will have some cauliflower and broccoli and leave the rest for the child, definatly no carbs for me
Having a social life is far more manageable on 790 i've averaged 3.2 pounds a week thats only .8 off regular SS losses. I would say, life is living and Christmas is about having fun. Indulge yourself healthily, turkey & veg aren't going to pile it on..just be sensible...you've got the rest of the year to diet!

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