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Worried about my state of mind


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Hi everyone,

I've been on CD since January and have lost nearly 8 stone. Naturally, I waas delighted with my weight loss and new image at first, but slowly I'm becoming more and more unhappy with how I look now.

I'm starting to get into the mindset that whatever I lose, or however thin I get, it will never be enough.

I only have 2 stone to go before I reach goal and I can't see myself being too many sizes smaller (I'm a 16-18 now). And it's just hard to get my head around the fact that, even when I reach a healthy weight, I still won't be thin.

It feels like a treacherous area to be in, mentally. It's quite scary.
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You're doing so well, you should be so proud of your journey so far! Think the thing with quick weight loss is that it can take a much longer time for our heads to catch up! make sure you're not putting your life on hold until you get to goal.Do you get icemoose's (Mike's) no willpower required newsletters? I really find them inspirational, think you'd be able to google them and sign up to his weekly letter, you can also read the archived ones. HTH


can see the end in sight!
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hi hannah, I feel the same as you sometimes. I have lost nearly 6 stone since mid January, and although I'm a comfortable 14 on top, still a 16 on bottom and have 20lbs until goal. Ideally would like to lose another half stone on top of that. I can't see myself ever really looking good if you know what I mean. My body shape is funny now and all I want is to be slim and in proportion. I am even thinking now of resetting my goal to 11 7 which I could have never before comprehended.

I am really interested to hear from big losers who have made it to goal and how much of a difference they noticed with losing the last couple of stone?

Also a couple of things.. I read in here it can take up to a year for your head to catch up AND also remember the paper towel effect! When you start using a new roll of paper towel you can't really notice it getting smaller but when you near the end and use a few sheets it looks smaller really quickly! Fingers crossed that's what it's like with us!


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I did feel like that at the start, and only a few weeks ago took pics of me in my undies and cried big fat hippo tears.

Now though if CD suddenly went bankrupt I could cope being this size. Alright its not goal but its close and I would be happy working towards it, much happier than I was at 15 st 6.

It does get better and I never thought it would, honest Hannah

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