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Discussion in 'alli' started by Meggie, 12 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. Meggie

    Meggie Full Member

    I went to the doctor the other day and was given a prescription for Orlistat. The Doctor told me absolutely nothing about it and from the things I've read on the various websites it's not necessarily worth taking!! It seems to work for the first couple of weeks then plateaus off. I know everyone is different!!!
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  3. emmaaa

    emmaaa Full Member

    I'd say give it a chance, and see how it works for you? Like you said, everyone is different. There's a girl on here who's lost 6 stones since February, so it definitely does work. Fair enough her weight loss is starting to slow down, but that just means its more likely to stay off if she loses it slowly. Losing too fast means you're more likely to gain the weight again. Sorry I'm not very helpful, but I think Xenical is worthwhile, and you should give it a go and see :) x
  4. GtGn

    GtGn Member

    Well, I am beginning to wonder if I have wasted my money. I find the guide lines hard to follow. The fat content of my meals is hard to balance - either too much or not enough. The Alli site is little or no help & everyone on this forum seems to have given up interest. I know it isn't a week yet but I am so busy counting fat grams that it has become a bore. I will stay with it because of the price of the darned things. Sorry to blow up but roll on the next 22 days.

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